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winters of my life

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Winters Of My Life Jeez! Uhhh... Tsh! What? That's a good question... Amazing thing is really how... how... you know, one changes in a way. You know, my feeling for the place is. So, this is very first day... uuum... 11:25, 1974 Home. Large capital letters. Exclamation point. [laughs] I arrived in time to unlock the door by last light and frantically open windows so I can see enough to find matches. The lake has already won me and I'll be sorry to see its ever-changing surface more subtle as liquid than solid hardened ice in a choir of blanket of snow - perhaps only a photographer's prejudice - since freezing and framing destroys the life of the lake, just as surely as words fail to express or suggest or best remind. Trust readers will forgive, close this record and watch somewhere an analogy. Well... you know... I tear up... tear up a little bit... eh... just because... I mean... it's so much your life I mean... I've been over half the winters of my life... and... you know... You know, as I read those early entries the first kind of... uumm... you know... kind of reflections and impressions I... I actually like the person who wrote them! You know! [laughs] I mean I guess I would tell this guy that "you found the right place" Home is the right first word. You know... It's been a great uhh... a great life I've been having. Directed by Jonathan Burhop Edited by Marion Singleton Songs Blue and Green from the album 'Colours' by Mike McCarthy © 2009 ME Mc Carthy Thanks to Chris Martz, Bernan Rocca, Dylan Ross, Kevin Smith, The Friends of Ostrander Special Thanks Howard Weamer © 2010 Jonathan Burhop

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Duration: 3 minutes and 25 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Jonathan Burhop
Director: Jonathan Burhop
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Posted by: tinaki on Aug 25, 2012

Winters of My Life is a portrait of Howard Weamer. For the past 35 years he has spent his winters as a hutkeeper in Yosemite's backcountry. He fills his days writing, reading, photographing, and being an ambassador to mountain culture. This is a brief look into his world and why he chooses to stay.

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