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The Channel Partner business represents almost fifty percent of our sales.  The channel partners themselves represent about over a third of our sales in NEC America. So even though the Industry is moving from on premise to cloud we still ship a significant amount of product out of our warehouse in Irving Texas.  The Supply Chain Groups is responsible for everything along the critical path to customer satisfaction.  The primary role of the Global Supply Chain Management Department is to ensure that we fulfill customer orders in the most efficient way possible. We work to make sure that we have the right amount of product ant the right place at the right time. From procuring the goods, to placing the orders for the customer, and shipping the goods to the customer. Everything has to work together.  Over the last year he've made some significant management changes to the Supply Chain Group. We've also made a significant amount of enhancements to our systems to help the ordering process go more smoothly. We partner with our vendors to drive down cost at every touch point of the supply chain.   So we can bring the NEC solutions to the customer at the best possible price. The Supply Chain Management Group is constantly evolving, but a few of the key improvements I've been working on have been pretty fundamental. One of those is changing the way that we source transportation rates  This enables us to ensure that we're using the best possible carrier for each unique situation. It also ensures that we get the best possible rate, and it sends in a team of professionals pitching their best out of box solutions all year long. I don't think we have an official motto, but if we did I think it would be "Find the Yes" Our in site partners can get the greatest value out of the Supply Chain Department, by getting the orders in early. If you give my team a little extra time to get creative we will give you the best possible rate and past that cost savings on directly to you.  And if for some reason you can't get you order in early, tell us your plans and we will work on the solution ahead of time for you. The most important thing I'd like to convey to the partners today is thank you. Thank you very much for trusting your business to NEC and being a great business partner. We just really want to thank you for trusting NEC with your business We thank you for your business.

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