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Ron Paul Highlights - CNN Tea Party Debate

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This is transcript by youtube must be fixed first contact [email protected] i'm congressman ron paul a congressman from texas i've been in congress for twenty years my goal has always been to promote the cause of liberty and obey the constitution a plan to do that as president as well do you agree? with governor perry the social security is a ponzi scheme well i agree that social security is broke we spent all the money and is on its last legs unless we do something one bill that i had a m that congress is never got passed was to prevent the congressman's than any of that money on the wars and all that nonsense that we do around the world now the other the other thing that i would like to see down there is a transition uh... i i think it's terrible that the death the to social security system is in the problem was that it has a problem that has but if that people want to spend the money we would be okay now what i would like to do is to allow all the young people to get out all the social security and go on their own. Big question is how we defending the curve. if you were president of united states would you repeal prescription drug benefits first seniors under medicare congressman paul what about you and your repeal it we should have never started it i can go to the against it but that sure would be on my harley s i would find a lot of cuts a lot of other places when in fact on social security is already being reform because the cost of living increases aren't they are so the value is going down so know there's places we should cut and we can we spend i'm not sure i get anybody to agree with me on here on this field that we spend one point five trillion dollars overseas in wars that we don't need to be in and we need to cut there this money back into our economy here and that that is the only way to even there is still one be enough for the nor did some people while home we need to do he's got the department of education department of energy congressman paul you're from texas uh... does your governor deserve all that credit? Not quite am a taxpayer there my taxes have gone up our taxes have uh... doubled since he's been in office are dead are spending has gone up double our data and has gone up nearly triple so that no one hundred seventy thousand jobs were government jobs so i wouldn't put a label damper on this but i don't know if they have the government is not raise my taxes or something but i i would like to uh... mentioned something that we see ever or your abount a tax cuts anti-u_s_ how do you pay for tax cuts and has the wrong principal because it would you give people their money back is their money you don't have to pay for it that means the government knows all of our money so we have to uh... cut the spending and good way to start there is a uh... low embassy we build over in baghdad cost us a billion dollars of his very dramatic and that's what's bankrupting this country and that's the easy place to cut that's where we should be cutting under what circumstances should a president signed an executive order and how frequently should such or to be signed uh.. congressman paul the executive orders have been grossly abused by all administrations for lot years as some of some executive orders are legal when the president executes proper function of the presidency like moving troops and other things yes is done with an executive order but the executive order should never be used to legislate that is what so bad executive order should be taken under control and i has made a promise if president i would never use a executive order to legislate your physician ron paul so you're a doctor you know something about this subject let me ask you this hypothetical question a healthy thirty-year-old young man has a good job makes a good loving but the size you know what i'm not going to spend two hundred three hundred dollars a month for health insurance 'cause i'm healthy i don't need it but no something terrible happens uh... the all of a sudden he needs it who is going to pay for it it goes into a coma for example initial size for that in a society that you accept wellfare is a man socialism he expects the government to take a look but what he should do is whatever he wants to do and assume responsibility for himself in my advice to him would have a major medical policy but not because they have that he doesn't have that that is balinese innings intensive care for six months okay that's what freedom is all about taking your own risk this whole idea Take care about but congressman are you saying the society should just let him die no my practice medicine and uh... before we had medicaid in the early nineteen sixties right out of medical school a practice that's in santa rosa hospital in san antonio and the churches to care them we never turned it anybody away from the hospital whole concept deadly might take care of our sales of film responsibility for ourselves our neighbors our friends our churches would do it this whole idea that the reason the cost is so high the cause is a highly dot on the government becomes a bureaucracy become and special interests it count house to the insurance companies in the drug companies then on top of that you have the inflation the inflation the values the dollar we have a lack of competition there's no competition medicines everybody's protected by by licensing we should actually legalize alternative health care allow people to have practice what they want congressman paul first thing i would like to do is make sure that you understand there's a difference between military spending in defense spending our entire the role of militarism that we are involved in and we're wasting this money endurance involved and i agree we are still in danger but most of the danger comes by our lack of wisdom on how we run our foreign policy so i would say there's a lot of room the kind of on the military but not on the defense you can slash the military spending we don't need to be with building the airplanes that we use in world war two were always fighting the last war but were under great friend because we are keep prices of many countries were in a hundred and thirty country we have nine hundred bases around the world we're going broke the purpose of the other hand it was to attack has invited so they're where they can target us and they have been doing it they have more attacks against us and the american interest per month the critical all the years before nine eleven somewhere in there occupying their land and if we think it we can do that and not have retaliation were kidding ourselves we have to be honest with ourselves what would we do if another country state china did tell us what we do to all those countries over there i would say policy enhances pay for policy that takes care of our national defense it we're willing to get along with people on train with people as the founders advise there's no way for a constitution could be the policemen on the world nl nation building just remembered george bush won the presidency on that platform in the year two thousand and i still think it's a good platform a look at senator central was five israeli strike on your website on on eleven you had a blog posted set that basically blamed the united states for nine eleven on your website yesterday you said that it was all right that brought about they actions of mine eleven now congressman paul attaced irresponsible president states warning for address some of these running for the president i think the republican party tonight harry disarmament mindset five nine a m descend we are not convene we are not being attacked and we were not attack because of are actions we were attacked his new talked about because we have a we have a a civilization that is inauthentic alter the civilization of the jobs and they want to kill us because of who we are and what we stand for we stand for american exception was if we stand for freedom and opportunity for everybody and and i'm not ashamed to me that his second first says his country files and heidi and we're going to be under a lot of a lot of danger is for india that the whole notion world is responsible for this and they're attacking us because we're free and prosperous that is just not true was common in the long hand-held kinda exclusive may have been explicit and there are over and say uh... that we attack we attacked america because you had bases on our holy land in saudi arabia you do not give palestinians are fair treatment and you have been bombings i didn't say that i mean i'm trying to get kids to understand what the motive was behind the bombing at the same time we have been bombing in killing hundreds of thousands of iraqis for ten years would you be annoyed if you're not annoyed i i mean there's some problem artwork i thought i could jog and get your thoughts and something you would bring to the white house if you were the next president of the united states i'd bring a bushel basket full of common sense and i would also bring a course imposter in economics to teach the people business cycle and wide if it creates inflation and depressions and all our unemployment problems

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