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UNI Football: Tight Ends Coach Nick Danielson Mic'd Up

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That a baby! Deep! Deep! Deep! Deep! Good! Jog it back. Let's go. Jog it back. That a baby! Great base! Great base! That's your best rep of spring. We do this drill every day, and that's your best rep of spring. That a baby! Run him! Run him! Great hands! Great replace! Ezra has one tempo. Ezra what's your tempo at all times? It's go, right? It's also the first time he's every run this play. Uh. It got rolled. Hey! Hey! Good finish. We need better angles, but you got good finish on that play. You just relayed the entire play to me. Now just don't make the same mistake twice, right? That's a give me to the tight ends, right? Be a basketball player in there. That ain't going to work! We'll take that, Trevor! Hey, Trevor bailed you out there, huh? Trevor bailed you out. Coach O, that's a helluva job by the tailback. That was a helluva job by Trevor. I made that play pop! Yeah! Coach said I made that play pop! Take this. You are going to be a high school coach? Never demonstrate a drill at full speed. If you can follow that one rule, in coaching ... I learned that as a GA. If you can follow that one rule, you'll have a long career. Never demonstrate full speed. I just want to hear you talk through it. You know I stand here and watch the play. I know what happened. I just want to hear you say it, right? Now we are on the side on game day, that's communication between you and Coach Simmonds happens on the field. Yes, sir. We can fix mental errors in meeting rooms. We can fix mental errors in walk-throughs. What can I not coach out of you guys? What's on you? You control your effort and your heart. That's on you. I'll get your fundamentals right with your help. We'll get your alignments right. But when it comes down to it, effort is on you. And I appreciate that effort today. Understand where we are at in the red zone down here. We designed concepts around you guys. You guys are 6-4. You guys both played basketball in high school. All those back line routes become rebounds Put your belt buckle on the ball and make a play. Those are being designed around you guys, because of your play. Continue to play the way you are playing, plays gets designed for you. All of sudden you stop playing well, balls stop coming your way. Play well, balls come your way. Play poorly, he finds the skinny guys. We keep playing well, we'll continue to get our targets. Tomorrow, we should have great tape.

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