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Te-a cumparat ca sa fii liber

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Come! You see.. The salvation is not a plan The salvation is not on the Byble's verses The salvation isn't in the order and system of theology The salvation is not a decision The salvation is not in a pronounced declaration of an evangelist, pastor or preacher The salvation is a Person This is the truth based on our faith! The salvation is not coming only from one Person, but salvation is This Person herself You, finally, understand, that Christ is the salvation! He is our light, He is our salvation He didn't die to send us the salvation, but He died to become our salvation. Jesus died to bring freedom to His people How can you not see the crazyness of a human when he says: "I don't want to go in Hell after I die, but I'm content enough to be addicted to things in this world; To have the same demand. the same objective, interest and reward as the rest and to become a slave of these things." Can you not see how much contradiction is in this utterance How impossible can be? And there is no surprise that the writer of the Jewish book said: How will we be able to escape, if we are so listless in front of such a huge salvation?" The salvation given by God was meant to bring us dismission not only for the punishment of our sin and the fear of going to Hell but it was included also the dismission from the world's power and her dominion on us; he included the dismission from the power of the earthly nature, the individuality and our evil nature; he included the dismission from the Satan's power and control and from the dark demons. And for a person to say that: "actuallyt, all I want from Jesus Christ is to go to Heaven!".. is something ridiculous, unthinkable! This is not possible! Don't do so! How is possible that someone treat with contempt the mercy and the gift from God,

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Duration: 7 minutes and 54 seconds
Country: United Kingdom
Language: Romanian
Producer: Paris Reidhead
Director: Mihhu
Views: 71
Posted by: mihhu on Dec 4, 2012

O prezentare scurta despre semnificatia mantuirii.

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