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Entrevista ulala 2 oscar Gracia

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Un placer saludarte. Estamos transmitiendo ahorita desde el stand de Smart Business Corp®, en el evento magno de Talent Land®, en Expo Guadalajara. Y hoy tenemos una entrevista, muy, muy buena que te va a dejar, ahora si que, con los ojos cuadrados, porque tenemos, tengo aquí a mi derecha, nada más ni nada menos que a Oscar García, CEO de Uulalá®. que nos va a explicar muchísimo de qué es lo que está haciendo, qué es Uulalá®, cuál es su misión en el mundo crypto, porque tiene una misión fantástica de darle la vuelta a la economía. Te recuerdo, esta entrevista va a ser en inglés, precisamente por nuestro invitado. Sin embargo, va a estar subtitulada para toda la comunidad Smart Business Corp® tanto.... en español, ¿de acuerdo? entonces... pon mucha atención porque esto puede cambiar tu vida. Oscar, welcome. Welcome and thank you very much for this interview. Thank you. Now, I can do this in Spanish too, you know Well... I know... but... anyway. You can do it in spanish or in english... There's no problem for that. But I would like in english better because is your native language, ok? -Oscar: sure So, tell me Oscar. First of all, well thank you for this interview, thank you for this time. First of all, what is Uulalá®? What's its mission?, as a CEO Uulalá®, was created to help the unbanked. And that was the original consensus of BitCoin, right? How do you, how do you go away from the 2008 collapse of the financial economy. -Luis: Exactly and then, cryptocurrency and blockchain was created because of that. Uulalá®, believed in that message. But we believe that Blockchain technology combined with Fintech technology, can help the unbanked become... get an ID, first of all... so we're talking about migrants -Luis: ohh, migrants, yes! -Oscar: migrants that go to the United States that only have an ID from Mexico. We can get them a bank account. We can digitized their money. We can reduce all banking fees. And we can actually, give them micro-credit, because of them paying their electrical bill or their water bill. Blockchain tracks all the transactions, and we know they're at lower risk because of the blockchain technology we have. -And is more transparent, even... is a peer to peer economy, at the end. -It is! And I think is that's the whole premise of blockchain or crypto, or anything like that, right? In our case, you as a bank of a person, can help me, that's maybe new to the system, that's never banked account, and you can be my walking-talking ATM! It's like an Uber®-ATM system, where you can then charge me a fee, help me load some cash a $100 dollars up to $300 dollars. -Luis: Exactly. -Oscar: and because of that, that's all tracked in the blockchain, are smartphones have geared targeting systems that says we're next to each other. And we can actually see that transaction actually happened, we can verify it, nobody can claim it didn't, because is on the blockchain.. -Luis: of course. -Oscar: and now we can actually have a credit worthy activity, because of you helping me, do this transaction. -Luis: so, you're going beyond just a commerce or a peer to peer transaction you're going, even more for a micro-credit. -Oscar: Yes! -Luis: and.... I can say, even beyond, because you're helping for a family or for a person to really have control of their own finances, first of all -Oscar: Yes! -Luis: create wealth!, personal wealth and... start a living! -Oscar: Yes! Not only that! Our phase 1, was what I explained to you, the ATM concept: you helping me load some cash. Phase 2 is the credit worthiness, right?, tracking all the bills; but phase 3, is that you have a balance in our system and you can, actually, loan based on our statistics on someone else and, actually, generate wealth, based on your extra income. Maybe you have $50 dollars, $100 dollars extra, wealth management at a micro level, so everyone contributes. Wow!, that's a terrific level! I mean, you can really turn around all the economy... not only for a person, but for a country... or a state or a province And that's the whole point. The Latino culture has no idea how strong they are!! Latinos in the United State are $2.1 trillion dollars of GDP!! meaning... -Luis: really? -Oscar: $2.1 trillion! That's double what Mexico's GDP is .... and half of it, is cash! ... Think about that! So, when you have a cash-based consumption, you don't have credit scores you don't have... scores of any type... you don't have any data. Luis: Yeah, exactly! Oscar: We are changing that!, we are data-mining all the transactions on the blockchain. That can say, if you go from United States back to Mexico back to, to..... -Luis: LatinAmerica... Africa -Oscar: wherever you from... Salvadorians, Africa, whatever.. Your credit follows you! So we can give you micro credit, when you go to another country. Your money follows you! -Luis: Well... I mean it's wordless. I mean, it's terrific what you guys are doing. Now, you have presence in many countries, how many countries you have already? Now, we have presence in 4 countries: Canada, Bermuda, United States and Mexico. But our main two countries are United States and Mexico. Because of all the transactions, all the Latino community. Yes. The remittance coming from the United States to Mexico is over $30 billion dollars, now We're reducing costs from $15 dollars to send money, to as little as a $1.90 USD! -Luis: a dollar ninety! -Oscar: under 2 bucks! -Luis: Well, that's cheap money! -Oscar: Right! And it's all because... nobody... people even save money. My mom... I was a son of a migrant. My mom picked strawberries. I was just next to her when she got a check, and they took $10, $20 dollars away from her! That's 'pan dulce' (sweetened bread), that's eggs, that's milk, that's bread.. and... and when you have to share one freaking 'concha' with 4 people... that sucks!...right? You wanna help people like that! I wanna help people like my mom. I mean... a vision, a social vision, there's an impact, really in the pocket of the people to change people's minds Now... this is a kind of tough question... What would be the role of the bank in the future? I mean... if we are like getting rid of banks... and distributors, and intermediares, and only peer to peer... all this crypto wave... which is like a tsunami! you're gonna get me in trouble, though! -Luis: Well, I mean... -Oscar: but you're right!.. So, look... -Luis: It's a trend! -Oscar: banking... there always has to be a consolidation or a trade, back to fiat at some point, right? Crypto, right now, is more like gold and silver. Now, can you take a gold bar to buy a Starbucks®? Yes, but.... .... I don't think Starbucks® will accept it -Luis: Exactly -Oscar: it's like, how do I trade this? So, it is possible, but it's difficult. Without the banks buying that asset... buying that gold and silver, if you will, buying that crypto and changing it back to fiat, you cannot then go to a gas station, go to a Starbucks® and actually, consume that product. So, there's always a relationship that's needed. But I think banking will become banking services! Banking as a service at the background, while other companies, like FinTech companies and Crypto companies and Blockchain companies are the foreground of collecting customers. Banks are terrible at getting customers!, right? -Luis: That's right! So, for FinTech companies, like ours; or Blockchain companies or Crypto companies, can grab those customer faster, better, easier and then, the backbone will always be some kind of banking license, some kind of banking scenario. That's what I believe. It's still in the words for the next 10 years. -Luis: But, still in Europe you can even pay with BitCoins!... -Oscar: You can, but.. -Luis Exactly! -Oscar: but think about it, at the end, that merchant eventually has to trade the BitCoin into something -Luis: Well, to fiat money. So, that's what I mean. At the very end of the entire life cycle someone is to converted back. Now, that's not the consumer, that's probably the merchant. -Luis: the merchant.. or the bank -Oscar: Correct! and that's why you need that symbiotic relationship. So we can't go out there and say: "Banks are gonna disappear". It's like what people said about the internet and prints. They said: "prints is gonna disappeared. The internet killed all that" This is print!, I saw your business cards! 20 years later, print's alive! So, -in some fashion or another-, But the new technologies always gonna be in the forefront. Now, what's coming for Uulaá®? Well now, you know, we were launching our app in May.. -Luis: in May? -Oscar: in Mexico and in the United States -Luis: At the same time? -Oscar: Yeah!, so we already have about 160 companies with over 5 million users getting on board. We're launching our token at one of the major exchanges in the world, at the end of May! So, you heard it here first! -Luis: Yeah!!, we have the first news! -Oscar: that's gonna happen! -Luis: Excellent!, thank you for that! -Oscar: at the end of May!, this is gonna happen. And one of our biggest contracts for us, one of the ones we love the most is, the Vatican has an initiative called "Laudato Si'" and they're all about getting social-driven companies to help society, we got a contract -with them- to service all their payouts. So, we're talking about 600,000 migrants around the world in 50 countries and we have the contract to be in all those payouts. So, why we get into the exchanges? Social impact, social mission, with something that's tangible! And even the Vatican. I mean, one the, really, institutions, that are like: no, I don't want the BitCoins, I don't want the Cryptocurrencies. Now they're adopting. They care about Blockchain, they care about transparency. So, again, because ours is Blockchain, not necessarily crypto, we're paying out in fiat, they love that. So, they're saying, "hey" -Luis: the Ambrosian bank -Oscar: They're saying, here's transparency at the blockchain world and is the Vatican's initiatives; they have 4, 5 initiatives, we got the majority of them, to look at us, we did the presentation at the Vatican and we got the initiatives just said: "this is good for society", and that's what's important, right? Maybe not the Vatican itself, but their initiatives. I want to make sure that's clear, before I get in trouble. But the social impact is great... around the world Now, final question... What would be the best suit between Uulalá® and Smart Business Corp.® as crypto currency entrepreneurial support? Entrepreneurs like your associations need to be in the forefront of change, when you're in the forefront of change, you can capitalize on that, right? When you're getting information after.... Like, if you invest in Amazon® right now, can you make money?, yeah... but could you make a lot more money 10 years ago?, Yes!! or when Amazon® got started in 1996... If you were invested $1,000 dollars into Amazon® 1996... -Luis: No, you will be another Jeff Bezos -Oscar: $300 million dollars, is the estimate You could've made... Not $1,000... I think is $10,000. Ten thousand dollars, you made about, you know, $300 million, if my math is correct. 10 years ago, If would've put $10,000 dollars, you would've made, at least $3 million dollars. And that's, that's a traditional business.... -Luis: Yes, a traditional business We're talking about blockchain, is truncate in time and hockey-sticking, right? -Luis: skyrocketing Your organizations, are educating the entrepreneurs that will invest into new companies, that will drive change, that will drive initiatives.... -Luis: introducing them to the new commerce and financing strategies. -Oscar: yes!... ideas where... maybe my idea... you can picking back on my idea and do something else, and I'm telling you, we're here to help. We need more Latino companies making millions of dollars. With more Latinos being millionaires we can change the world!, we can control the world! -Luis: that's..... exactly! -Oscar: that's what we can do together! Oscar, it's been fantastic to have you here! Thank you very much for this interview. Thank you very much for clearing us what's coming on... in the future.... in the next future, about crypto currencies, crypto market... all this trend, that is really a tsunami! It's not like a...just a tide. -Oscar: it is! So, thank you very much. -Oscar: my pleasure. -Luis : I know your schedule is very, very tight. -Oscar: Thank You. -Luis: Thank you for the time. y muchas gracias a ustedes por sintonizarnos en esta entrevista muchísimas gracias. Gracias a toda la gente que también nos ven en el canal de Uulalá® y a ti, que estás en Smart Business TV Desde las instalaciones de expo Guadalajara, en este magno evento Talent Land® Nos vemos en la próxima! Ciao, ciao

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