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blank hitler reacts

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On the 11th June 2018 we made students sit Paper 2 for OCR Biology the content included Modules 4 and 6 as well as Modules 1 and 2 That's fine, I've revised the immune system and patterns of inheritance Mein Fuhrer, those topics... We replaced those topics with oil spills and Madagascar animals We also decided to ask about nanosequencing. I would like the population of this room to decline like the Adelie penguins HOW WILL I MEET MY OFFER NOW? THE ONLY GOOD QUESTION WAS THE ROLE OF MITOSIS BUT THEY GAVE THE ONLY ROLES I KNOW IN THE QUESTION I wish I was extinct like the Fossa ancestor. How could I support student B when I thought he was wrong? And what chance do I have if I can't find the label for G on Figure 21? Mein Fuhrer we gave a nice paper 1 One paper can't stop me from getting a D Mein Fuhrer, you still have paper 3 to make up for it And what will you put in paper 3? Physics? ANCIENT HISTORY? I couldn't even draw the cell. There were too many chromosomes. I was done with microscopes after I couldn't tell the tissues apart in paper 1 Why would you put hydrocarbons into a biology paper? And hide the microorganism growth curve in a table of results? Low grade boundaries can't save me now. I may as well withdraw from UCAS right now so they can't reject me on results day. I revised for 2 years. But I wasn't asked about ecosystems. Or cloning. Just those weird looking cats. I can't make 3 criticisms of the graph. I can only criticise OCR for ruining my life. I'll have to go live with the penguins in Antarctica. And hope the sea ice will melt so I die. Anything so I don't have to do paper 3. But instead I'll have to retake everything next year! It's okay, at least we don't do AQA. My homeobox genes knowledge was wasted. I wonder if it could trigger apoptosis for every cell in my body. I'm doomed. My life is over. How do you recover from drawing a tangent and calculating the gradient for 1 mark? That should've made up for the other marks I lost. I need to go revise now.

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