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Interview for Graduation Project

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Interviewer: During the Japanese Occupation Korea give a brief explanation on what you and your parents experienced. Grandfather: Japan ruled Korea for 36 years from 1910-1945. Grandfather: Before the Occupation Japan was a powerful nation and Korea was a weak nation. Grandfather: Japan influenced themselves in the Korea government and forced Korea to submit an alliance between the nations. Grandfather: When they entered Korea they established themselves rulers and ruled with total control. Korea became a colony of Japan. GrandMother: As told by my father, During the Japanese Occupation. Japanese policemen stormed into our families house. GrandMother: And demanded our family to change their names from Korean to Japanese. GrandMother: So my name was changed from Juk-Cha Kim to Dakkekko by that Japanese policemen. Grandfather: Her Korean name Juk-Cha in Korea which in Japanese means Dakkeko. GrandMother: The Japanese policemen say's that Juk-Cha is a good name but needs to be Japanese so he changed it to Dakkeko. GrandFather: Since her name was Japanese when we got married I changed it back to her original Korean name. Interviewer: How do you feel about Japan and the Japanese people today after the Occupation? GrandFather: Even though the Japanese did many abominable tragedies to our nation we still must forgive them. GrandFather: But since Japan never made a formal apology for their sins. GrandFather: Many Korean people have resentment towards Japan and its people. GrandMother: Especially since Japan hasn't formally apologized to the sexual slaves in Korea. GrandMother: Due to that many Korean people have wounded hearts and hatred towards the Japanese people. GrandFather: Also the fact that during WWII, Japan forced many Koreans to draft into the Army and fight for Japan. GrandFather: At which the Japanese soldiers used many Koreans as a human shield to block the bullets from the enemy. Interviewer: Okay, Thank you for taking time to take this interview hope to talk you soon. GrandFather: So the interview is over? Interviewer: Yes thank you.

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Posted by: simonryoo on Nov 8, 2017

this is an interview for my Graduation Project

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