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How to choose the right camcorder

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[♪music♪] [howdini - get yourself a guru] Hi,there. I'm Nigel Barker. [Nigel Barker, Professional Photographer] Today, I'm going to help you choose the camcorder that's right for you. Choosing a camcorder can be confusing. They come in so many sizes, formats, and prices, so think about what you plan to shoot, what type of occasions, and how often you'll use it. If you're always on the go and shoot mostly short clips, or post videos on the web, you might want to consider an MP4 pocket camera. They're lightweight, portable, and small enough to fit into a pocket or purse, so you're ready to shoot those unexpected, spontaneous moments. Some of them can even take still photos, like this one. It's an HD video recorder and camera in one compact package. Cameras like this are designed to make watching and sharing videos on the computer really easy. You just pull out the USB, plug it directly into your computer, upload to your PC or the web. Another great thing about this camera is that it's not intimidating to people. You can get up really close and get a candid interview. However, if you're planning on shooting important life events, such as birthdays, holidays, and family gatherings, I suggest using a camcorder that shoots HD. HD is an ideal format for capturing high-definition video that can be burned to a disc and viewed on your HDTV in brilliant high-definition picture quality. A high-definition camcorder packed with advanced features like a top of the line lens, high quality image sensor, and automatic functions will give you much better low-light capabilities and image stabilization. This is the right camera for you if you want to preserve significant moments and life events like birthdays, weddings, and graduations. It's loaded with features that will ensure pristine video that can be enjoyed for years to come. And for those close up, intimate portraits, you'll want to consider stepping up to a camcorder with advanced optical image stabilization technology, like this one. This camera helps keep your video sharp and reduces camera shake, even when you're on the move or zooming in. Also, you'll want to be sure you have plenty of on-board storage space. You certainly don't want to risk running out of storage space in the middle of a wedding or another big event. A camcorder with a large hard drive will help solve this problem. So now you have an idea of where to start when choosing a camcorder that's right for you. Are you ready for your closeup? This is Nigel Barker with Sony for howdini. For more great tips and ideas, go to

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Who knew there were so many camcorders to choose from? The wide variety of sizes, formats and prices can make the choice really tough. Professional photographer Nigel Barker helps navigate all the bells and whistles so you can find a camcorder that's right for your lifestyle and needs.

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