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These days, identity and data are all around us. Down here and up in the clouds. With data being everywhere, it's important to proof your users so that you're assured that they are who they say they are. For the fast movers who need velocity, we make it possible to log into your enterprise applications with just the touch of a button. And for higher validation, two-factor authentication is made easy by simply scanning your fingerprint or just hitting accept. No need for those pesky six-digit codes. Finally, we can truly kill the password, so you can seamlessly log in at the blink of an eye, without typing a single character, even on a managed mobile device. And even when your data is sprawled everywhere, we're here to give you peace of mind and data loss prevention. These are ready for you today. But how can they come together into one single solution? So imagine an employee traveling out of country and on the go. He wants to be able to access his presentations and documents without a single roadblock getting in the way. As he gets on his conference call, he gets distracted and inadvertently forgets his tablet in a taxi. Someone else notices the forgotten device and immediately snatches it and begins to snoop around notices the confidential corporate data and begins exfiltration. But rest assured, DLP detects the violations in real time through identity and context data, setting off a chain of events. The employee receives an access request that he promptly denies. In seconds, our attacker can no longer access any corporate data because of our dynamic policies and behavior analytics. Finally, we can quarantine the intrusion by locking and securely wiping our stolen managed endpoint. Symantec Identity and DLP, fused together as Information Protection.

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