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Sportsmanship legend runner Meghan Vogel -

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We have a remarkable video this morning of selfless act of good sportsmanship. It focuses on two girls at a Championship High School Track Meet in Ohio. You see them there and Josh loves this story. You can't help and watch it over and over and over again, cause usually face of the winners of races get all the attention but not this time. It was two girls bringing up the back of the pack who are in the spotlight today and rightfully so. Here is why. On the track it is inarguably the fastest runner who wins the race. That's Meghan Vogel. It was finishing last that made all the difference. The 17-year-old was competing at High School State Championships and had already won her first race of the day. But in the second race - at a longer distance - Meghan struggled. "Going the third lap I was starting falling behind." It's Meghan's slip to the back of the pack. Another runner - Ardon McMath - was also having a tough go. "I was blacking out and in the last 15 meters my legs completely gave out." But instead of passing her, Meghan took her in her arms, proping her up when all hopes seem lost. And then [spectators' applauding] the two opponents crossed the finish line together. "I was just thinking that I wanna just get her to the finish line and I was more worried about getting Arden across the line than what place I was in." "It was amazing, moving experience. I definitely didn't expect that." Sentiments echoed by the thousands and thousands who viewed the video of the race online. This is a true hero, one wrote... Another suggesting: We should all take a page out of her book. But for Meghan's coach her on-track-heroj didn't come as much of surprise. That's because Meghan's coach is also Meghan's mom: She has a big heart and everyone has a light in them and I think Meghan's light just was able to shine a little brighter. "I'm pretty much my parents. They are the ones that taught me always do the right thing." Modesty from a girl, who no matter the record books, should always be remembered as the very best time of champion. - It's girls like that who make you think the future won't be such a bad place after all. Voghel by the way returning for her senior year next year, McMath is gonna be a junior this fall, so... It's good chance, they are gonna see each other on that track, in that race, again next year. - Her mom/coach's so proud of her, we all are. - Rightfully so.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 26 seconds
Year: 2013
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: ABC News
Director: ABC News
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Posted by: rakosnicek on Dec 23, 2013

Meghan Vogel is a junior at West Liberty-Salem High School in Ohio. She is a distance runner who was competing at the state track meet in Columbus when one of her opponents, Arden McMath, a sophomore from Arlington High School, fell right in front of her. In one of the most selfless acts we have ever seen in sports, Vogel assisted McMath to the finish line.

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