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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~14:46:27 - 15:01:28

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It's true, it's really fine. -They're looking for you. -Throw it. -Wait a second. Sunga, go and stand over there. -Is she on our team? -Yes. -Noel will be on our team. -No, ours. You! Why are you so naughty? Hey Edith! Edith! Look at you, idiot. -Edith! -Yeah! -Who am I going to be with? Me, Simeon and Sunga. -I was picking guavas. -Should I hit it? -Yes, hit it? -Edith's missing. -I reserved that as our left hand. -No. Simeon, you are throwing the ball with your eyes closed. -Hey Memory! -I'm coming! Who did they say would take the bricks? -If they fall, then they run? If you fail, we'll bring them later. Then you count? If they fall down, we have to count up to 1000. It appears mine is rotten. What are you doing to the bricks? I thought they're better stacked like this? Memory, hurry up and throw the ball. -It's your turn to throw, we've failed. -Memory? -Simeon's failed? -Yeah, what do you think? -Are you relying on Simeon? -Where should I throw it? -Hit the bricks. -Over there, start there. -Oh dear? -It's me next. Don't pretend. -You failed. -Noel, isn't it our turn? -Noel, stand there and throw the ball. -Have you thrown the ball, Edith? -No. -Ball! -Mada's in danger today. -The ball, Noel. -Noel. -Here you go, Noel. -Share please? -I was the one picking them. -I've already given you some. Hey, throw it! -You failed. -Hey, share some of your corn please. Hey Charles. Charles, over there. We want Emmanuel down. You've failed. Tasty, isn't it? Go and throw it Edith, so that we can watch. Are these from the bottle? They haven't fallen out. -They can't just fall easily -They'll fall. -No, let's go. -They'll fall! -You could've made them fall. -No. -Come let me start so we can see who's the ninja here. We are the elderly. -We refused the left-handed. -So what? Memory, I thought you were out? -Simeon! -No, no... -Bring it. -I'll start running. Are you going to run? Those are what I've done. -Weren't you laughing? - It's Memory. We don't laugh easily, my friend. -No, that's not true. We can't agree if you cause it to fall down, look at that one. You're not standing on the right place. They're saying we need to throw the ball fast. Here? -You could've done something to make it fall down faster. -No! You could've done things to make it fall down faster. No, that will result in me looking like a champion. Noel! It's me who will start. Charles, things are bypassing you. Just push them. Edith, we don't want what you're doing. -They're saying it's my turn. -We have to throw them out. Alone. -Charles, you need to be careful. -My turn now. -Noel, throw it down - Noel, if you don't throw it down, you'll be kicked. Noel, can't complete without throwing it down. You children do things to ensure they don't fall down. -No, like this. -Enough, keep on doing it. -What? -No. -Then the game won't end. This game is for well-to-do people. The other one, do it this way. The other one, like this. The other one should be like this? -That's fine, let them be the way they are. Then you'll have to add two. -Simeon? -When these people throw, then it'll be our turn. -When we add additional items, then it will all fall down? -Yes! -Shall I start? -Yes, Simeon. Someone should go and pick. Memory! -Leave them. -No, the top ones, don't do that to them... -We need to make them fall. -Put them this way so that they don't take time to fall. -We've stopped now. -No, leave them straight, right? -No, just leave them, we wanted to put them like that, we want them to fall. -Just leave them. -Simeon's a liar. -Things are falling down, look. They should've hit on the top. The second one. Hit them at this point, hitting like this. I just think they should've just put another one. It's this one. Oh what a miss, a real miss, even the left one. -This one may be the one who can make them fall. -He knows how to make them fall. -They've started to have fun with them. -I'll sit on this side. -You'll be with Jacky Chan. -But you have to use your other hand. Let's go Charles. -Where's the other ball? -Are you covering that area? Hey Sunganani, bring it here. Sunga, bring it. Follow them where they are. Hey Edith! Hey Edith! -Hey Edith! -They're saying you have to come back. Here's Charles. -Where are you? Where are you? -They're saying you need to come back. -I've seen her. -I already eliminated you. -Aren't you tired? Edith, haven't you been eliminated? Yes, she is eliminated. Is Charles putting it? Where is Charles? Charles, run and pass through the maize field, maybe they've already finished the allocation. I thought he was just following Edith. -Yes? -But we had to run. Charles, put it! -Innocent. -Put it! -I made it drown. -You're burnt. Put one. Put one. -I was there, I was there... -Who is it? Edith, I thought I was there when she was going... Was I eliminated? -I don't think you were eliminated. -So why? That's it! Because Charles has taken your place. Lucky you. They were running after you. Memory, then video guy. -Yes! They were running. -I've really done some running. -Hey Edith? -What! Let's run. Hey Edith, let's go! Aren't you going because of me? -Is it my turn to throw? -No. -Have you finished? -Yes they've finished. Hey Innocent, keep on running. -I thought you'd be doing things in a hurry. -Did they say to do it like that? -You're just walking, your friends are running. -Were you looking for peanuts? -Yes! He stood there. -It's fine, bring it so I can hit it. Hit it. Memory, give me space to hit it. Give each other boundaries where we need to return. Yes! There's a boundary, let's go. The boundary's the mango tree. That's the boundary. -Edith, go and mark the boundary. -Where? - Go and mark the boundary on the tree. -So they know. -For us to know. -Wait a sec, Edith. Okay, go and collect it. I'm not sure what boundaries she drew. -The boundary's on the mango tree. -Go and draw proper boundaries, take a stick to draw it properly. We'll consider anyone who's crossed the mango tree eliminated. Charles! -No, Edith should start. -Whoever crosses the tree is eliminated. That side of the boundary is the road. There, that side. -That side is the mango tree. -Where's the boundary? -This mango tree. -This one? This side is this mango tree, the one behind. -This small one? -Just start the game. -That mango tree. That side, the boundary is there. This small area covering the mango tree and the road? The road, that mango tree and along the maize field. -Where are we going to hide? -Along the field. There's someone in the tree. Don't go behind that side. -Koeteko has applied some medicine. -Oh no! -What kind of medicine? -Some juju. -They can't catch us. -Charles. Only Charles is remaining. -Yes, I'm also still in. They've just fallen, along that side. Noel, only Noel. Here, I would've been eliminated. -Charles, or else Noel. -Then it's Chalimba's turn. -Not there. -Memory, I thought it's there? The first one should hit hard, Simeon. Look, Simeon has failed once more. -No, that's it. -It's like this, it's like this... -You! -I'm so unlucky. -You should run hard. -Sunga! Sunganani can make us win. We just need to hit it hard here. Then I would run away. Noel. -Does this mean it's Edith turn? -Yes? -Yes, it's for Edith? Hide and Seek. No, it's not hide and seek. I'll start. You start. These won't take time to fall down, I have to stay close. -Maybe you have to stand over there. -Hey, it's ours. -Charles, go there. -Charles, they're falling down. -Charles, just hit it here. -They're falling down. He's hit the ground. -Noel, give it to Noel, he should make it fall down. -Noel's daydreaming. -Hey. -This time around I'll have to win. -Now Simeon should start. -It's me! -In spirit, he's missing. -Simeon should start. -Not Sunganani. -Simeon should start. -No. -They're saying you need to bring it. -Sungani should start. -No, don't do that. -In the Holy Spirit. Chimwemwe, have we been given a chance to play? -Was it necessary to mention the Holy Spirit in these simple matters. -Failures are failures. Naomi! Simeon, get it. You said Simeon, right? -He's going to throw it down. -Simeon's pathetic. -Memory only. -I'm only hitting the ground. You're just looking at it. Hey Biziweki, can you look at it? Memory! We better use Memory, she's much better. Memory, let's take them, make them fall, help us make them fall. Memory's better off. -She'll make it fall. -Memory, you should stand behind. Yes, there. God our father. -Make them fall. -No, they'll fall soon. They'll fall, but don't collect them once they fall. -Go ahead, start. -Bring it, let's start. Start. We'll stop you. -Hey, Are we starting? - Where are you going? -They'll fall down shortly, Simeon. -Where? -They'll fall, they'll fall. We'll hit here, these ones which have failed should go to that side. -Can't you see that they're leaning towards one direction? -Are we going first? They're falling, yes they're falling. Can't you see? -Don't think they'll fall here. -Naomi! That's enough, leave them like that. If we left this, what will happen to the other? Yes, it's like that for those who are doing it. -Closer. -No there? -Charles? Go and get the ball back. Let's start again. Just stand there. Just stand closer to there. -Yes, thus making them fall. -There. -Here? -Let's go. -In front, start. -There closer to there. -Yes, there. Look, he's moved them. -Noel, just push them. -Noel can make them fall. Hilda! It's my turn. You go and throw there. He's afraid. -Simeon. -I'll be the first. I'll stand here. What do you want him to do? Why weren't you telling your friends? He managed to hit it because it's close. I tell you. Bizi failed. I'm telling you, Bizi can't hit again. Bizi's failed. Has Memory failed as well? Only Sunganani remains. -Where's she? -Where are you? -Panganani made it fall. -Have you found it? -No. -Over there. -Here? -Throw it. -Throw it to Sunganani. -Be careful, Sunganani can make it fall. Charles, get outta here. -Hey Lydia, my girlfriend. -Chiweto? I was just joking a little. Charles. -Friends, give it to us to hit it. -Charles. -Hey, get out. -If I have to hit it, I'll hit it. -Even if this will be my last hit. -Are the people who are constructing the house still around? -Yes, they're still around! - Okay. -Yes Paul? -Are you okay? -I'm fine. -Hit them. Come on, start. Is it here? -Yes, here. -Is water coming out of the tap? I took them out as they were about to fall. No! They were making them fall! -You've stolen some of our points. -Whoever surpasses us, we won't stop til he's eliminated. Edith, I thought it was at that tree? -Simeon, bring it here. -No.

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