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Fisher men in Cairo, Egypt.

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Guys, am going to come over greet you, then start an interview do you mind? Are you sure? you look uncomfortable and about to stir up trouble Am kidding. Act normal. Am going to walk over and i want you to act as if you don't see me. Salam Alikom ( Greeting). How are you? What are you doing here today ? We are fishing for food to break our fasting Wow! With you permission. We are conducting interviews about pollution in Egypt. As the youth of the future, i'd like to take you opinions and suggestions and what you hope to see in the future. But first I'd like to know your names. My name is Bilal and how old are you Bilal? 14. And you Sir? Amr, And how old are you Amr? 13 years old. What do you hope to do here today? We come to fish. What type of fish do usually catch? Anoun....Its called Anoun Do you usually catch a fish? or it's just luck Depends. Do you sometimes catch a lot of fish, and go home a happy man? Yes. Regarding pollution and the trash in the Nile, do you worry about the fish being contaminated? What can we do? we have to fish What do you hope to see in your country? For it to become like other countries! for the people to live decent life. Apartments are expensive and everything is expensive Amr. what about you? I want many things set up straight Like what for example? the people, the government, everything. You are in high school i presume. high school yes. What do you aspire to become in the future? A Doctor. What about you? A Carpenter. Are you Passionate about it? You want to finish you high school and then become a carpenter ? Are you talented in carpentering? To achieve greatness, its very important to be passionate about what you are doing. by this you become unique and you stand out. I respect you greatly for this. Now Have you ever caught something other than fish here? Garbage and Hay And other plastic and nylon trash all you see here is polluted, no one cleans anything. Why do people through trash in the nile? because there aren't nearby dumpsters to put it in, this is easier also they are lazy to walk to a dumpster if they found one. Do you think the government should increase awareness ? yes, it should. And we should be more aware and civilized. Do you think there are enough dumpsters in Cairo ? Amr, " yes, there are many". The main problem is the people, then the government. President Morsi said ' He'll clear the trash in 100 days if elected' Nothing happened the garbage is still on the streets. what do you want changed in Egypt ? Clean, like other countries where everything is beautiful And the people find a decent commuting system. But know everyone is fighting with with everyone Today you are here fishing for breakfast, right? Yes. Ok, thank you very much. Am very pleased i met you both Wish you a successful fishing day. It seems you clearly know what you are doing. Greeting.

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interview, pollution.

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