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Interview with Arzu Geybullayeva

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Arzu: Hi, I'm Arzu Geybullayeva and what you're seeing behind me is a church from the 11th Century It's actually in Georgia and funnily enough just about a few days ago I was in a village with Onnik Krikorian an Azeri village actually in the eastern part of Georgia and we were in a mosque so it's been quite a full few days seeing a mosque in Georgia and then seeing a really beautiful church in Georgia and now I pass it on to Onnik to ask a few questions Onnik: I guess I'm just interested in your general impressions of the village the wedding that we saw is it pretty common to what you'd find in an Azeri village in Azerbaijan? Arzu: First of all, what I thought about the wedding was really nice, it was a lot of fun I actually enjoyed myself a lot just speaking to local women and seeing how it's all being prepared It's very typical for an Azeri village for an Azeri village wedding I've been to maybe a few in Azerbaijan myself It's the same -- tents, tables, a lot of guests, a lot of food, nice Azeri music You know, it's a lot of fun Onnik: I saw you were trying to cause some trouble, though, at the wedding by speaking to the women and trying to find out their impressions of life as a woman in an Azeri village How did that go? Arzu: It actually went really well They were very impressed that I was from Azerbaijan I was young, I was independent, I was working and they were telling me that this girl she has a completely different mindset this is great we wish our women were like this but obviously they have their own complaints they said our girls marry young they don't go to school unless they go to Tbilisi with their husbands So, in fact, it wasn't really a lot of trouble... I was just opening their minds Onnik: And, in actual fact, the issues that do concern women in the South Caucasus [unintelligible] Arzu: I'm sorry? Onnik: They're fully aware of all those issues? things such as education, early marriage Arzu: Yes, yes, yes They're aware, but the problem is that it all comes down to education if they don't tell you at school that you can't get married at 17 or even 15 then what a girl can do? Onnik: Thanks very much Is there anything you'd like to add? It's been a good stay in Georgia? Arzu: It's been an excellent stay in Georgia This is my second time in Georgia The first time I was in Tbilisi This time I'm really far from Tbilisi Not too far, maybe two hours away, but it's been an excellent trip. I've really enjoyed it and I hope there will be more to come Onnik: Excellent. Thanks very much Arzu: Thank you

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Posted by: onewmphoto on Nov 15, 2009

Interview with Arzu Geybullayeva in Georgia

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