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Power of Common Sense:Movie Style Heist and Cash Gang Violence in True African Stories

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True African Stories presents: As reported by the Daily Sun - Mon 12 Oct, 2009 How a 'cruel' gang, stole big bucks in a head on heist the so called 'war on crime', is getting harder reaching 'new deaths' of cruelty, and becoming more deadly and too often, thugs are winning the battles here, they use a big 'truck', to smash into a heavy cash van - head on it was as if the driver of the truck didn't mind, 'dieing' the massive impact, stopped the heavy armor car 'right there', trapping the driver in his seat and critically injuring his two comrades, guarding the cash in the back this smash also 'killed' the thug, driving the truck, he was a casualty of war riding in the back of the truck, were at least 'twenty' other thugs like 'trained' soldiers, they 'jumped' to the attack they put 'dynamite' in the crippled security van, and blew it up while the security van driver, was still trapped inside Then! at lighting speed, the thugs grab the cash, said to be about 500,000 rand and fled in cars, which had arrived to fetch them and, also like soldiers in war they even took the dead body of their comrade, the driver with them so that the cops, would not be able to identify him behind them they left the ruins of the armored car it's dying driver, who they'd also shot seven times, and his badly wounded colleagues the cruel robbers, had picked a loney stretched road for their hit a stretch, of the end of eleven road, between Newcastle and Ladysmith, in Kaizen the thugs even hijacked, a passing 4x4 bucky they used it, to pull bits off their battling ram truck, to free the body of their dead comrade director Yohan voycen - head of the organized crime unit, in Kaizen said he was horrified at the brutality of the crime It was terrible to place 'dynamite' and blow up the vehicle, while the driver was still trapped 'inside' my message to the robbers is: We know who you are We will catch you whether it is today, or in two years time, we will get you and when we do get you, we will be coming with force there is an important point, of 'common sense' to consider within the occurrence, of such acts of brutally violent crime, and desperation which is that 'all such acts', are motivated by 'lack of money' motivated by the fight, for survival with the implementation of an 'equal money' system which will ensure, the 'fulfillment' of all people's equal right - to food water homes electricity entertainment education, and health care with the fight for survival removed there will no longer be 'a purpose', for such acts of violent crime and thus - they will stop there will always 'exist' a desperation, and violent crime in a global society where 'some have', and 'some have Not' therefore, equality - as the principle of 'support' is based must inevitably, be accepted as the solution - to such problems Support the 'end', of violent crime motivated by survival Support: Equal money - for all Stay tuned for more: True African Stories For discussion visit: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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