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[7X7 EXPERIENCE] [WAITING] ♪ upbeat music playing ♪ >>A safe pick-up is about both the location of your vehicle and the rider. It's important to find a safe place to pick up your rider. However, you may need to compromise, depending on the traffic in your area. It may be necessary to contact your rider and negotiate a safer pick up location, like a nearby driveway or just around the corner from the address in the app. Remember to stay calm, cool, and collected. And think on your feet when offering solutions so that you can still offer a positive experience in exchange for having them meet you. Sometimes the rider might ask you to wait for them while they finish getting ready. If it's an UberPool trip, we can only wait two minutes before either starting the trip or cancelling. However, on any other Uber trip, we are paid a per minute rate after two minutes after arriving at the pick-up point. This means if my rider wants me to wait, it's no problem, because I'm getting paid anyways. If you are waiting for the rider and they never show up, you can cancel the trip by using the option "Rider isn't here" It's important to try and contact your rider by texting and calling before you choose rider rider isn't here. And you must wait at least two minutes after arriving at the pick-up location for this to be a valid choice. You can text or you can call your rider directly by using the app itself. Just click the white trip planner at the bottom of the screen, and you'll see the option to text or call. It is best to text your rider if you need to contact them, because then all of the information is written down. This makes it less confusing and easier for the rider to understand. In addition, texting is a little less intrusive than calling. this means that a rider might not be able to pick up their phone, but if they can, they will respond via text. It's important to keep in mind it's not always safe or legal to text, so please be safe when contacting your rider.   And remember it's never OK to text and drive. ♪ upbeat music playing ♪ [WAITING] [REVIEW] [Texting is less intrusive than calling] [Please be safe when contacting your rider] ♪ upbeat music playing ♪

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