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It's a big step up for us. We improved last years car a lot. The technology that we used, we improved that and I think that the most important one is that we used three wheels with a larger surface area of solar cells, with a larger battery. We cut the weight by twenty percent of the car itself. So in all aspects, of efficiency, which is our key metric. We improve the car a lot, so we can drive the distance for Morocco quicker than we could before. The construction of the Covestro Photon took about four to five months. We started in February and it lasted until our roll out in August. But the general idea of the car began way earlier. Our aerodynamics team started about more than a year ago thinking about where to place the wheels of the car and which shape is the most aerodynamic. So, this already started way before the actual construction of the car. So we decided to name this year's Covestro Photon. Photons are elementary particles that are so minute and detailed but are hugely important for transmitting energy. So that's exactly what we do, we focus on every single detail in this car and it goes down to the nitty-gritty things that we can improve and optimize. And that's why we decided to name it that. To give credit to all the engineering and all the development that went into it. The changes of the rules allowed us to build a three wheeled car. And so our main Innovation was to build a suspension and steering system for an three wheeled car and even in our case an asymmetrical three wheel car. So to fit all this tech into a small and narrow space in our car, was the biggest challenge and also innovation. So compared to the other teams we’re relatively large team, that means we have a lot of manpower that we can put behind challenges that arise in a challenge like in Belgium or in Morocco. And I think this manpower that we can bring and also the team spirit that we bring as a team the will for winning the race. That will be the deciding factor for us to winning both in Belgium and in worker with the Covestro Photon.

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Posted by: chrisax on Oct 20, 2021

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