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Give a Specific Example

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So, the second type of specificity is to give a specific example and the best way to give a specific example is in the form of a case study and you see this done a lot in all different types of industry, b2c, b2b, our friends at social media examiner, they kind of wit this way a little bit, but I want to show you an example of two lead magnets in what they are offering are very similar but you can see by giving a specific example, making that specific promise you can see that one is more effective than another so again this is not intended to knock hate on the folks on social media examiners, for the most part this is a pretty decent lead magnet type of thing that you see done all the time, join 2 to 5000 of your peers get our latest articles delivered to your email inbox and get the free Facebook marketing video tutorial. So, I like what they are doing here, they deploy some social proof, they are talking about how in addition to getting their bonding with a lead magnet with a newsletter so at least it's not just the newsletter but we get the lead magnet itself, what is it? Well, it's free Facebook marketing video tutorials. Going back to the before and after grid that we talk about, this is a pure, unadulterated have. Pure unadulterated have. What do you have right now? Right now you don't have these Facebook marketing tutorials. And afterwards, you will have Facebook marketing video tutorials. Like I said previously, noboby wakes up saying gosh I really hope that I can find some tutorials on Facebook marketing, that's not what people think. They want a specific result. So here's ours right this was ours this was a case study that we ran a couple years ago that was amazingly effective, and our promise was how we generated 250 leads from Facebook in 18 hours without spending a dime on advertising. So again look at the specific example It is a specific example, It's a case study, it's a video case study So, it's still a facebook marketing video tutorial, it's fundamentally the same deliverable that our friends at social media examiners are offering but it's more specific in the example so we are not just saying: "Look, we are going to teach you about Facebook marketing, when you watch this video tutorial, you're gonna see how we got this specific result and hopefully you can accomplish the same thing so it's still a video tutorial, and this is why I am not talking a lot right now about what is the best lead manage you do a video or a report or this... the medium doesn't actually matter. The medium is largely irrelevant and it all comes down to the promise do the medium that's best for what you're trying to show... if your lead, if your prospects are best served by watch a video, than give them a video. If they're best served by reading a pdf, or by reading an article, whatever best serves them and what you are capable of doing, deliver that. But I'm telling you time and time, people don't care if it's a video or pdf, it doesn't matter, it all comes down to the promise, it all comes down to what are you offering them, and in this case, if you can give a specific example, so if you can say, hey when you are opting for our free Facebook marketing video tutorial, we're going to show you, how we generate 250 leads from facebook in 18 hours without spending a dime on advertising. That is what we're going to show you, as opposed this one, when you are opting for their free facebook marketing video tutorial, you don't really know what you are getting, you don't know what your end result is going to be, because there was not a specific example offered, so I love case studies. I absolutely, positively, love, love, love case studies as a type of lead magnet. Just when you do it, make sure you're giving specific examples, make sure there's some numbers in there make sure when people see it, they're gonna say "Wow! I want that result too". If that's the response they're getting then you are going to have a lead magnet, that gets very high conversions and get you a lot more leads that you are getting right now.

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Give a Specific Example

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