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2018 Tucson Value Edition

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Hi, everyone! My name is Taylor. I'm the certified Technology Expert here at Burns Hyundai. If you're maybe familiar, I did do a previous Tucson walk-around video, but the one I wanted to talk to you about today is the 2018 Value Edition which is new for the 2018 Tucson. Now, every Tucson obviously comes equipped with Hyundai's Best Warranty which includes 10-year 100,000-mile powertrain and 5-year unlimited mile roadside assistance. One of the cool features that you get on the Tucson Value Edition is the Smart Liftgate. So, I do want you to follow me back here. So, with the proximity key, all I have to do is stand right next to it. You may or may not hear the beeping— it's a little windy outside. But just standing here, the liftgate is going to open right on up, and I didn't have to do anything to touch it. Walk over here, so I don't hit my head as I shut it. It is a power liftgate so there is a button right here. When you press that, you're going to hear beeping a few times, and then it's going to close again— slowly but surely. Another really awesome feature that the Tucson Value Edition has is a panoramic sunroof. Now, typically, the only time you can get the panoramic sunroof on the Tucson is a limited with the ultimate package, but with 2018 they made that easier to get. So, I don't know if you can see it across the top. It's a little dirty covered with palm?, but it is an awesome feature to have with the Tucson. So, the next thing that we're going to do is we're going to hop in the car. There are just couple more features that I want to show you. So, let's hop in. Now, since you do have a proximity key, it's a pushbutton start. So, I’m going to put my foot on the break and start the car up. Now, one of the great features that you get in the Tucson Value Edition is called the Blind Spot Detection. So, if you're looking at your passenger mirror right now, I'm going to turn the Blind Spot Detection on. That little orange indicator is going to light up to show the driver whenever another vehicle is getting ready to pass by on the car. If that symbol is lit up and you go to move into the other lane, not only will you get the light, but you will also get a beeping to give you a verbal alert— basically telling you not to move into the other lane. Another feature you have with the Blind Spot Detection is called Rear Cross Traffic Alert. So, when you put the car in reverse, obviously you can see a direct view behind you, but sometimes a moving object is not yet picked up by the rearview camera. When that happens, you have a 65-foot radius that is going to be able to detect a moving object. If you do not see it on the camera, you're going to get another beeping. And, like I said, it almost sounds exactly like the Blind Spot Detection, and what the car is doing is giving you an alert that's something-it could be a person, it could be a car - is getting ready to pass behind you. And also, you see on here, you do have three guiding lines. The red line right here is about one foot from the bottom of your bumper, which, I don't know if you can see the blue piece right here. And also, when you turn the steering wheel, you have dynamic guiding lines so they will show you which way that the car is reversing. Another really great object – another really great feature that is equipped on the Tucson Value Edition is the parking sensor. So, I'm actually going to back up a little bit— and I don't want to run my cameraman over. But as you see, the closer that I get, you're going to hear a beeping. Beeping..Beeping.. And, it'll progressively get louder and louder and more frequent the closer that you get to the object. But I'm not going to run over the curb. I'm actually going to put the car back in Park. The Tucson does come equipped with the 7-inch touchscreen. You do have available Apple CarPlay and Android Auto depending on if you have an equipped phone. And, the last thing I want to show you with this car is the panoramic sunroof - to open it from the inside. So, it is a one-touch – so when you push this back lightly, the entire roof is going to open up. And, press that one more time again. [Sunroof sliding sounds] And, on a beautiful day like this, it would be perfect to use the sunroof. You can close it at any point - let's say you only want it about a quarter of the way - or you can close it completely. [Sunroof sliding sounds] And, those are just some of the great features that you can get on the Tucson Value Edition. We have a bunch of them here for you to come pick up and test drive. Come see us any time at Burns Hyundai. And, just remember that Burns treats you best.

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