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Study Using Text Messaging

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This is Sam Sam was trying really hard to do well in school But there were so many distractions that he couldn't use his time effectively to study properly So his grades just weren't as good as they could of been Luckily a friend told Sam about StudyBoost StudyBoost is a web based study tool that any one can use No matter who they are and what they're studying With StudyBoost the ability to study effectively is at your finger tips 24/7 What makes StudyBoost unique is you can use tools that you already use everyday like instant messaging and text messaging Just sign up add your preferred messaging tool and begin studying instantly Imagine being able to study anytime or anywhere and fitting your studies into that crazy schedule of yours Who would of thought that you could effectively utilize your time and improve your grades with all those other pesky distractions in your life StudyBoost was created with one goal in mind to help you study! and it is rich with features to help you do just that You can schedule when to automatically receive your questions and answers and StudyBoost employs advance keyword interaction to make navigating your studies easier Just type next to see the next question or repeat to repeat a question or ANSWER or BACK or GO You can study questions in order at random and you can set a time when you want to receive your questions You can create a batch of questions add friends to you network and share batches with them and you can search for batches created by classmates and professors So Sam's happy He's enjoying life and his grades are up Come and find out how you can be like Sam Sign up at for free and take a sample quiz today!

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Duration: 1 minute and 53 seconds
Year: 2010
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: StudyBoost
Director: GreenIguana Studios
Views: 112
Posted by: studyboost on Dec 9, 2010

Interactively study via text messaging and instant messaging.

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