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Babylon Face Mask

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So when it comes to helping your skin look great through summer There are a couple of key rules that you'd probably be aware of, of course things like not sitting too long in the sun, but make sure you get the vitamin D of course but protect with an SPF, cover up, don't go out in the height of the day. Things like drinking too much alcohol can have a big impact on the skin. Alcohol is very dehydrating thing that you’ll probably consume, not too much salt. All these sorts of stuff that you are probably aware of in terms of not coming back from your holiday looking like a dried prune. However, some of the wonderful ingredients that you probably encounter whether it's on holiday down in the Mediterranean, or indeed here in the UK, are great for the skin too. And this is a little DIY, nutrition friendly face mask that a beautician friend of mine told me to use, and I thought I'd share it with you. So take a couple of teaspoons, a couple of scoops from a nice ripe avocado, a teaspoon of whole milk and a teaspoon of honey. Now, if you have any breakouts in the skin, then perhaps use a really good manuka honey, for example it's even more antibacterial, but otherwise just a kinda good organic honey would do. And literally, this becomes your facemask. So, the nice natural oils in the avocado are wonderfully moisturising. The lactic acid in the whole milk, it's thought to actually stimulate collagen production so can make you look a little bit younger. Cleopatra bathed in milk didn't she? And of course the antibacterial properties of honey are wonderful and protective overall but also help to bind the whole thing together. 10 to 20 minutes of this on your face is thought to be a nice summer skin booster. You could probably get away with eating it afterwards although I wouldn't recommend it. But there you go, a nice summer skin tip from the kitchen.

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How to make a summer skin booster with natural ingredients

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