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Conflict Management

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[MARITIME TRAINING SERVICES INC.] [In case of any conflict between the requirements shown in the movie and the company's safety management system (SMS), please follow the company's SMS requirements] Conflict among people is a fact of life. Disagreements happen between people and relationships, family members, and friends all the time. But sometimes the hardest conflicts happen between coworkers. Your work takes place on the seas where dangers are ever present and tensions can be high. In this unique work environment, handling conflict in a professional manner can keep future interactions with fellow crew members positive. [CONFLICT MANAGEMENT] In this program, we will discuss the three phases of managing disagreements, [EXPLORE THE PROBLEM, ESTABLISH A PLAN, IMPLEMENT A SOLUTION, ] explore the problem, establish a plan, implement a solution. When two or more people have disagreement, there is something bubbling below the surface that is causing it. When faced with conflict, people often forget to identify and clarify each other's point of view. This is easier said than done, especially in the heat of the moment. Still, it's important for each of us to take a step back and truly explore in these three contributing factors. [CRITICAL ISSUES] Critical issues determine each individual's arguments. What are the key differences of opinion? [STAKEHOLDERS] Stakeholders, who has a vested interest in the outcome of this disagreement? Likely sources of conflict. [GOALS, BOUNDARIES, MISUNDERSTANDINGS] What are each person's goals, boundaries, misunderstandings, or power struggles? The next step is to establish a plan. When it comes to handling conflicts, [WHAT ARE THE HABITS THAT YOU HAVE DEVELOPED OVER THE YEARS?] what are the habits that you have developed over the years? [DO THOSE HABITS EVER PREVENT YOU] Do those habits ever prevent you [FROM BEING ABLE TO SOLVE A CONFLICT?] from being able to solve a conflict? [PAST HABITS] It is hard to be honest with ourselves about them, but breaking three of our past habits can be the key [SOLUTION] to planning how you will solve a conflict. [MINIMIZE PITFALLS] Minimize pitfalls, choose the best way to approach a solution to the conflict, [DON'T BE TOO RIGID] and make a conscious effort to not be too rigid in your opinions. The next step is to implement a solution. [DECIDE HOW TO RESOLVE THE DISAGREEMENT] Decide how to resolve the disagreement [AND EVALUATE THE OUTCOMES] and afterwards evaluate the outcomes. [DETERMINE HOW EFFECTIVE THE RESOLUTION WAS] Determine how effective the resolution was. [AND LEARN FROM YOUR DISAGREEMENT] Learn from your disagreement to ensure future situations like this don't happen again. [IDENTIFY THE SKILLS YOU WANT TO DEVELOP] Identify the skills you want to develop further and follow up on them, monitor results and consider future monitoring. Handling conflict in a professional manner is a skill that anyone can master, provided they put in the effort to manage disagreements by exploring, planning, and implementing.

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Conflict Management

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