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Nigel Farage: Don't turn EU into another Soviet Union

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European Parliament -- Strasbourg (14 July 2009) Jerzy Buzek is (s)elected President of the European Parliament This is followed by a series of adulations from the group presidents... ...until it is Nigel Farage's turn to speak on behalf of the newly-formed group 'EUROPE OF FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY' President, I would like to congratulate you on being elected although I feel that this morning it's been more like a papal inauguration. And it's rather a shame that this Parliament -- if it was a proper Parliament -- would actually select Members to sit in the chair on ability and not have the usual big group stitch-ups. And that's rather a shame. And I think the signs for change here aren't very good. Just yesterday we had Eurocorps -- armed Eurocorps soldiers carrying the European flag round the courtyard outside a sort of European Union version of trooping the colour. We had an orchestra, we had the anthem, we had a choir; we started today, didn't we, with the anthem. This is the same flag and anthem that you said had been dropped after the French and Dutch very sensibly said ‘no’ to the dreaded EU Constitution. You're not even pretending any more. You're pushing ahead with all the symbols of statehood and trying at the same time to lie and cheat with the Irish by giving them a series of guarantees that are not worth the paper that they are written on. Well, I can tell you that many of us in this Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group will do all we can to help the ‘no’ side in that Irish referendum. The future of European democracy rests very heavily on Irish shoulders. You fought, Mr President, against the Soviet Union You fought for democracy. You fought for national self-determination. If you continue to ignore the democratic voice of countries like France, the Netherlands and Ireland, then you will turn the European Union back into that very Union that you fought so hard against. Listen to the people, please. Thank you, everybody, thank you. Speech by Nigel Farage, president of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group. An alliance of libertarians and conservatives. Please sign

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tch EuroCorp's version of 'trooping the colour':

► European Parliament, Strasbourg - 14 July 2009.

It is the first plenary session after the European elections and the European Parliament has just elected Jerzy Buzek MEP (Poland; EPP group). His election is the result of the usual stitch-up between the two biggest groups in the European Parliament, which share the 5-year presidency between them.

After Mr Buzek's inaugural speech, the presidents of the groups gave their adulations to the newly elected president, except for Nigel Farage MEP, the president of the newly-formed group 'Europe of Freedom and Democracy'...

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