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DokuWiki 01 - Your first Page

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Hello, this is Andreas Gohr from DokuWiki and today I want to show you how to create your very first page in Dokuwiki. When you install DokuWiki it will look like this. It's the default interface. At the top you can see where you are currently, it says "start" so it's the start page you can see the title of your wiki you chose that in the installer below that are a few buttons: "Create this page", "Old revisions" "Recent Changes", the search. And in the lower row there are another few buttons: again "Create this page", "Old revisions" and the "Index" and "Back to top". And here in the middle you'll find your content. Well, there is no content, yet So it says: "This topic does not exist yet" So let's create it. Of course we use the "Create this page" button for that. So we click here and what we see now is the DokuWiki editor. This is where you will edit all your texts in Dokuwiki. The large area is the text input area. You can change the size of that area by using the arrow buttons below that is useful if your screen is very small or you have a very large screen. So you can adjust the size to your likings. Above the entry text area are a few buttons similar to Word or Open Office. Those buttons will allow you to format your text. Let's start with some easy text... "My new shiny Wiki" Below the entry area we find three buttons: "Save", "Preview", "Cancel" Let's press "Preview" to see how it will look like. Not very impressive but there is our text. To format any text, you can just select it and press one of the buttons. Let's make that a headline and press "Preview" again. Ah looks much better! Let's add some more text. Again - press "Preview" That's how it looks like. There are a few more buttons. Let's have quick look at them. There is "bold", "italics", "underlined" text, "typewriter" or "monospaced" text, "striketrough" text, there are 5 different levels of headlines, you can add links, you can add ordered or unordered lists, horizontal rules, you can add images, you can add smileys or special characters through this toolbar. There are a few more possibilities. Which options you have to format your text you can all read in a page called "syntax" which is linked from the intro text. Just press (the link) to make yourself comfortable with DokuWiki syntax. So what's syntax? Syntax is for example those equal signs that will markup a headline. Those are part of DokuWiki's syntax or markup and those define how DokuWiki will render your text. Just another example - let's make that bold: just mark it, press the button. And you see it will add asterisks before and after your text. So this will be rendered as bold in the output Just press "Preview" again There it is - it's bold. Yeah, that's how you edit a page in DokuWiki. Let's save that!

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Duration: 4 minutes and 20 seconds
Year: 2008
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Andreas Gohr
Director: Andreas Gohr
Views: 56,041
Posted by: splitbrain on Oct 5, 2008

A screencast on how to create your first page in DokuWiki. A very basic introduction to the DokuWiki editor.

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