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14 Counting Numbers to 1,000

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In this lesson, you will learn counting numbers from 1 to 1,000. Remember the talking commas, one comma means 1,000. As we began this lesson, it is very important to remember that Math is full of patterns. These patterns can even be seen when counting numbers. Let's take a look. Lets began with number 1. # You can notice that as we continue numbers will repeat only one part will change. # Did you notice that going from the ones to the tens over here that's what changed the tens. Right here there were no tens. There was just a 0. Right here we have a 1. What you think is the next one? If you said it's a 2 you are right. 21, This is what changed rest is the same. This part stays the same. So, 21 # Like I said, Math is full of patterns # Here we have, # but instead of saying ten hundred, We say one thousand. # Let's take a look. # # remember we have 1 here, this becomes our 2 200. # If it's a 2 now it becomes a 3. 300. Let's look at this one. # So this is 7, this number becomes an 800 800. Try the next one. # What is the next number? If you said that this 9 becomes a 10 you are right. It's a 10 so now becomes as 1,000. That's the number. I want you to give it a try. Let's see if you get the answer before we figure it together. # What's the next number that goes here? If you said 100, you are correct. 100 is the next number. Let's look at the next one. # What's the next number? What goes next after 299? If you said 300, that's the right answer. Let's look at the final one. # What could be the next number? If you said 1,000 right on. I want you to try some on your own. I want you to please pause the video when I finish talking work out the problems and then check your answers by pressing play again. You will see if your answers are correct. On the first one, we have # The next number is 600. Next one. # 900 is the next one. And the last one # 1,000. I hope you done them correct.

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14 Counting Numbers to 1,000

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