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Global Lives: Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi

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All those scoring in this direction, kneel down. Doreen... Begin! Edith! Edith! Edith! Theresa! Atupele, pass it! Theresa! Hey Theresa! Hey, come here quickly! Your jacket will get dirty! I'm also wondering when they started taking that path... Wait up! Is it my fault? Bringing this up at school must stop. Is it my fault? No, I wanted to ask because I just heard, "Ii, Ii...". Crying. -No, the ones who were crying were Gladys and what’s-his-name... -Fil. Vivian was trying to do it like this. -I'm off. -Alright, see you Tuesday. Wonder! Have they been here for long? Ask Auntie where it is. Auntie! Your lunch is in the kitchen, in the house. Take the nsima [cornmeal], the rest is already here. Just bring the nsima, the rest is already here. Got it! -Edith! -Yeah. I got an orange from down there yesterday, right? Tadala told me that she'll give me some of those popular pencils. She gave me this one. She says I should have traded it for the orange. Gosh! Naomi's hands... Memory, let's go down to the other compound. To do what? To do some homework. -Let me get my Chichewa book. -Get it. -This place is so run down. -Yeah, especially here. Hey you! -We need help with homework. -What kind? Agriculture. Should I keep this or leave it here? His homework's not too hard. Then let's just take a break. -That's all? -Let's go play jump rope. Hey, no pushing! -That's how Simeon plays, right Simi? -Yep. -I'm following Simeon up there. -Here, take this. -I'm going too. -We should all just go up there together. Here's the pen, otherwise I'll lose it. Let's go! Edith, you should stand here while I go and break it! -Edith! -Just this one. Those aren't yours. And stop digging up the ones that have just been planted. Hilda, Noel, Leza are all in the screen! Ok, I'll go see... Hey, stay over there! Let's go! Hey, it's showing Edith!

Video Details

Duration: 8 minutes and 45 seconds
Country: Malawi
Language: English
Director: Jason Price
Views: 1,493
Posted by: globallives on Jun 25, 2008

Selected scenes from 24 hours in the life of Edith Kaphuka, a 13 year-old girl living in Ngwale Village at the base of the Zomba Plateau in Malawi.

Jason Price - Producer, Director, Editor, Cinematographer;
Ya-Hsuan Huang - Associate Producer, Assistant Director, Editor, Cinematographer;
Harrison Topp - Cinematographer;
Jessie Levandov - Cinematographer;
Elasto Chanza - Production Translator, Production Assistant;
Single Matawale - Production Translator, Production Assistant;
Z. Allan Ntata - Consultant;
Villant Ndasowa - Consultant

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