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...and we need to talk to although about responsibly use them. These digital mean of communication put an incredible amount of responsibility on the receiver to be able to build, from the minimal input, an entire understanding of the person on the other end of that transmission all you get is not even a full verbal transcription of the person`s message, but a tiny snippet of a verbal transcription, that's been translated down into this teeny acronyms that you`re supposed to build back up into the full representation of another person`s perspective, situation, and feeling about something _Now has anybody every broken up with you, or you broken up with them, via text message or Facebook nope, nope, nope but I find that it`s easy to say ♫♫ through text-- say stuff like that through text messaging and all that I sometimes if you don`t have the courage to say with your voice our voice it out, that is easy to just say you know, I`m pissed off at you, and send. My girlfriend at that time went to France, cheated on me told me via text and then I told her well then, I`m going to brake up with you on this text message. Goodbye. __The infamous stories of somebody, you know telling their spouses they want a divorce over a text message is completely inappropriate, why Because you know asking for a divorce is not about the action of doing that It`s about a hole situation very rich, complex social a situation, that needs to be negotiated between two people. _Where we use to have generations that they were about 20 years long, now we`re looking at generations that are maybe 10 years long. And it`s totally because of technology. -Dr. Larry Rosen is a professor at California State University, Dominguez Hills, and an expert in the subject of technology and its effects on society. He is the author of several books discussing the subject, including "iDisorder." Dr. Rosen invited us to one of his lectures, where he freely allows his students to use their technology. While the majority seemed attentive to his lecture, sure enough, sprinkled throughout the group were others making Facebook status updates, viewing YouTube, and yes, texting. >>The technology is actually making us all look like we have signs and symptoms of psychiatric disorders. We all look like we suffer from OCD-- obsessive compulsive disorder. How do we know that? Because we're constantly checking our phones, all the time. If our phone is missing, we go scurrying around everywhere to find it. We're obsessed. >>A similar observation was made in Immordino-Yang's paper, related to the biological origins of real disorders, and those same biological systems which are believed to be disrupted by overuse of digital communication.

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