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Welcome to New Kabbalah This is the Power of Kabbalah 3 We are going to begin the 6 session course With the first subject called dvekut or infinity As many of you have learned especially from Rav ------- The all purpose of life is reaching a place that we have total affinity to the light of the creator The word in Herbrew that describes the concept of infinity of closeness is dvekut or cleaving, total oneness that sounds a very lofty concept How do we translate it to practical life Becoming one with God What is becoming one with God We are going to read from Rav Ashlag The Wisdom of Truth The book wisdom of truth To help us to get to the more deeper understanding What does it mean to our personal life Because based on Kabbalah 1 course Kabbalah 2 Course We have learnt that as you restrict you are getting closer to the light Which is indeed true As you give and go outside for yourself you are getting closer to the light It is the truth Never the less Rav Ashlag can help us to understand that very often We will do the spiritual work and we will be givers but it is not necessary getting us closer to the light of the creator but maybe in our head maybe intellectually maybe the ego creating a picture that I am really in the path but not necessary So in page 87, 88 and 89 in the book "Wisdom of Truth" Rav Ashlag helps us to shed some light of understanding the difference between real dvekut real infinity, real cleaving versus false I will read it in Hebrew for the connection also for the soul of Rav Ashlag (reading in Hebrew) Rav Ashlag shares with us that many people mistaken to compare the true spiritual work with the work of ethics and morals he is saying that there is such a huge difference between the two. The real spiritual work and the idea of ethics and morals even though Rav Ashlag is saying externally seem to be a person that is more ethical is a better person more giving person, more caring about society a person is more spiritual is becoming more caring and giving person so what is the difference ethics vs true spirituality What is wrong about it here he helps us to understand that very often, even though we call it spirituality We are actually doing things that come from motives of becoming more ethical and we need to define what does it mean Rav Ashlag helps us to understand saying (reading in Hebrew) saying that the real spiritual work is the relationship between us and the creator and the light of the creator and ethics, and morals which seem to be also if people following that path become more ethical will become better people but it is actually the relationship between us and other people it is the relationship between us and society that is the major difference Now what does that mean practically in order to translate it to practicality Lets speak about relationships between two friends that really care for each other and as we know by us becoming more being of sharing more outside of ourself, in our thoughts in our feelings, in our actions in our extra mile efforts in our stretching that's Kabbalistic is connecting us to the light but very often we will do those actions but according to Rav Ashlag it will fall under the category of ethics and morals and as a result it will not get us closer to the light of the creator why? there are 2 major elements, ingredients that will motivate us to go from one level to the next level, to the next level the first one is, who am I comparing myself too. If I am comparing myself to another human being or another person my ability to push myself to the next level and next level will be very limited but if I am comparing myself, my level of consciousness to the unlimited levels, which is the light of the creator my ability to grow and push to the next level will be unlimited so when we are speaking of consciousness of ethics and not consciousness of true spirituality and true cleaving what is really ethics the reason I'm nice, the reason I'm kind the reason I'm stretching myself is because relative to that particular society or group of friends what is accepted to be ethical because ethical comes from perception of environment what ethical is it is not from an absolute power so comparing to the friends that I have or comparing to that one friend that I am sharing with him my actions are extraordinary my actions are amazing as a result when I am really sharing according to the accepted what true sharing and giving to that particular society or that particular friend that I have It will make me feel amazing I have reached the top I am exactly according to what people thinks The great ------ from being a sharing, giving, stretching person and as a result, I will be stuck there because ethics means, doing things based on what society accepts as a very nice, giving behaviour and that is limited because if our goal is to elevate to the next level & next level because the concept of cleaving or oneness or dvekut or infinity to the light it is an endless process and because in my consciousness I am basing my decision to push forward or not based on what society accepts what my wife accepts, my friends accepts the small group of people accepts in according to their level what I am doing is amazing and it is beyond anybody else it is number one I will get stop there There is no reason why I will push myself to the next level vs the spritual work that is based on I want to get closer to the light yes, I will treat my friends beautifully I will share with them but, if I am everyday asking myself the question am I actually getting to my potential even though my friends love my behaviour, my consciousness, my energy my effort If I am constantly asking the question between me and the light am I really there Then I will constantly have the merit to see there is so much more room for growth I will be able to see the little areas where my ego came in I will be able to see that actually I am looking for some recognition from my own friends for my energy because I am not comparing to what my friend is accepting as a good behaviour I am comparing to the endless light which is ego free and you want to share endlessly without any spark of ego and as a result that will give me the energy to do to do action to my friend lets say he's sick and nobody knows that in the middle of the night, 2am in the morning I will wake up for 2 hours and I will inject special energy to give, to elevate, to support, to send light like every Kabbalist after midnight, before dawn will always be busy revealing light in the world it is a time that nobody will know, will see and actually the real measurement of cleaving to the light is in the areas when it is not necessary noticeable by other people some would, but it is not constantly everybody aware of the work that I am doing why would I push myself to that extraordinary mile because what I am comparing to is not to what society accepts or not I am comparing to the light of the creator Even though we study spirituality we trying to do the right thing we are the using the concept of connecting to the light very often our measurement of connection is based on our are friends, society, our group, kind of people around me perceive goodness That is what I am getting energy from Wow they think it is good and I feel energise I'm happy I'm content I feel I did the right thing It doesn't matter how much we work on ourselves spiritually If we are really honest with ourselves part of our work is ego based but at least we should know if our goal to reach that concept called cleaving A different word for cleaving is real freedom Freedom from chaos Freedom from needing anybody else to fill me up to recognise me, to energise me Freedom from comparing to other people Freedom from needing to please other people Only then can we begin accessing the truth strength of the soul Because our soul is unlimited but constantly comparing or looking for validation from limited source which is people and not the light of the creator itself It will never work In a personal relationship or in a collective group of people Rav Ashlag speaks about a concept called kibbutz which in the early years of past centuries the old concept of kibbutz was created in Israel which is based on socialism Kibbutz was initially was very successful and he wrote it this essay during the time that kibbutz was successful Rav Ashlag predicted that it will fade eventually If we look back in Israel most of the kibbutz do not support themselves the values are not like the values that use to be people wanted to go back in to themselves and less about caring for society Now briefly what is kibbutz about It is environment It could be a village that nobody has his own possession everybody cares about society everybody works for the society for the village for the group and seem to be a very spiritual concept why shouldn't it work? It's not about myself alone I'm all about helping others Lets say we have 100 people in the group and I'm focusing on helping the other 99 people and I will be taken care of by the kibbutz by the village, by the community, the group It seemed to be a very Kabbahlist concept There was one problem about it and that is the reason Rav Ashlag predicted it's not going to work in the long term What was the real issue? The real issue was so I'm helping 99 people and out of those 99 people 30 of them have a hard time in their life right now In their marriage, kids, sickness bad mood, mental issue so those 30 people are not capable to give back to me or to others in the same level I gave suddenly, I'm realising I'm not getting the same energy that they put in from some people yes, but from some people, no. what is human nature to protect myself from those people If I am not getting energy from those people human nature I can not give back the same energy to those people so I'm starting to withhold myself I'm starting to give less and by me giving less those people I gave less too, start to give me less Since the support that I am receiving back is from people people are never perfect Always will be issues that people can not give back In marriage, soul mate so many things are amazing We want to give to each other We decided we committed for this then happen to have tough times my wife is giving me much more than this particular man and because I'm not giving back she feels depleted she feels insecure she feels not loved she started to have resentment and issues and she started to give less because she started to be caught up by herself. why am I not getting back then suddenly complain and feel a victim In the end, each one of us defend ourselves protecting ourselves because the relationship is based on give and take I gave as much as I am getting that is human nature we have to get back energy in order to be able to give we have to when it comes to the consciousness of ethics and not true spirituality the source of return for me is people so if people will go through hard time and in this period of time will not be able to give me back or one person in society is a rotten apple in this moment in their period so I'm not going to give back the amount that they gave, because I got less vs the spiritual work what is the true spiritual work the relationship is between me and the light the source of receiving energy is the light of the creator it is not people and because that is the source of the energy so I am giving to those 99 people or I am giving to my wife right now but she is going through a hard time or some people in society going through a hard time but it is ok I am realising that helping others is the vehicle to get closer to the light It is the vehicle to get closer to the light by me becoming more selfless It is helping me to elevate on the ladder of consciousness between me and the light and as I am elevating in that ladder of consciousness I am starting to feel more of true freedom of not needing other people I am starting to feel the true connection the true miracles, the true joy and of course it is a test because every time I am giving and I am not getting back our human nature and our ego writes how we feel "I didn't get back" I am upset I am hurt I feel a victim and then I am saying stop for one second why I have I been doing it for the sake of just the ethical consciousness which is give and take It is all about the bigger picture of ascending myself to the next level to get closer to the light of the creator so there are two cons------- there is the ethic cons------ which is doing the right thing for the sake of society and subcons--- this is usually the leading cons----- if we don't pay attention and the other cons----- is ------- cons----- it is all about connection between me and the light of the creator and that has to be daily cons----- especially as we start to adapt the teachings of Kabbalah as a the way of life It is not just about doing the right thing It is seeing the bigger picture the only way my connection will not be temporary spiritually and it will be lasting only if I am constantly questioning myself Do I have ----- cons---- or ethic cons----- The whole idea of religions that actually throughout time destroyed spirituality destroyed the real connection between men and the light it came because it all became about social acceptance what the group accepts what the church accepts what the synagogue accepts and it is not about the real question am I really getting closer to the light and as Rav ----- shares with us How do I get closer to the light when I am recognising my new layer of ego when I am recognising my new layer of selfishness When I am recognising my new layer of fears of disconnect, of cold heart if ------- only have to give of myself 100% but if I am comparing myself to people only It is limited since people are limited so I will stop in my ability to see what I need to change but if I am constantly comparing to the higher power to the light and I am attracting people that have a higher cons--- as a result then I will constantly be able to see, but I need to change this what I need to overcome even though I gave to my wife but I didn't give it 100% she was totally happy but I know in my heart that I judge her a little bit and even thought I gave time and I gave energy to some people but in my mind, I judge them I want to go to my next level and it can be about giving charity I did it, but I did what is comfortable deep inside I need to ask myself constantly the question because what is ------- to the light ------- to the essence of my soul the light is within each one of us and if I am starting to get use to comparing to the light and not to other people then my ability to grow is unlimited part of this process of pushing towards ----- to the light -------- to the truth and not being bought or being seduced to just feel great about myself because other people telling me you are great part of it is to connect to true environment true surroundings The whole idea of Rav and Karen of opening Kabbalah centres all over the world or the whole idea of students support creating study groups or over the world with teachers is to create a surrounding that is what unifying that surrounding that we are not just here to share or to give or to act nicely according to the ------ we are nice each one of the environment understand that where ever I am at I am not there yet and that there are infinite levels and the real boss is the light of the creator and each one of us is maybe closer to the light of the creator in different areas in life on person is more humble The other person is more of a giver one person is more comfortable to speak his mind in a strong way and another person is able to do things beyond the extra mile and have the ability to feel other peoples pain so each person as other attributes greater than the rest of the group but each one of them knows I'm not the light I'm not the barometer to indicate what truth growth is I just have one ingredients that is closer to the light than others so we are using each other to elevate to the next level and our true environment or our true study group or true centre, or true group of volunteers that re working towards the true mission they know things in the process are not going to be perfect between us but that's not the point a lot of people think if I share, if I give if I give to charity If I volunteer my time then everybody will treat me nice and think it will be perfect It shouldn't be perfect because the real purpose of giving is not very ethical reasons that I am going to be loved by society and I will feel so good about myself the real reason is ------- is elevating so in the process I have to get some reject In the process I have to get things that are not going to sooth me and in that process I will say stop it is a chance to grow I got reject I didn't get what I want from people but I actually have the opportunity to be unconditional and learn my lessons and to go to the next level of giving at the end of the day true spiritual work is honest questions that I have to constantly ask myself between me and the unlimited power If I want true change If I want true miracles If I want true shifts in my life If I want the light to be the partner of my life I can not do things just for the sake of pleasing the teacher The teacher asked me to do something or tell me and I will show him I'm a good student that has become ethical cons---- I might listen to the teacher but I need to pause and do it for the sake of -------- and shifting and changing and that is about everything why am I reading the the ----- to become a ------- just ethical thing, just a robotical thing that I am doing I want shift, I want to ------ one of the things that we are all addicted to is recognition and approval and as long as we are addicted to recognition and approval we will never feel true freedom we will never manifest our true potential we will never manifest our true power will also be that part of our ego that is covering our soul saying I need that energy from people we are human, of course we have that part but at least we should know our goal as we --------- as we elevate is to be able to receive the strength and energy from the light itself, from within that is real freedom Imagine being in a place that you are being judge left and right but you are still joyful because deep inside you know you did the right thing even though you are judge now and of course you don't want to just be judge you would like to connection to other people but you know it is a process so the ego doesn't get what he wants but if I an really growing and elevating I am able to feel a joy in-spite of the fact of other people judging me and not approving of me and as long as I am ruled and addicted to approval and recognition I am still in the work of ethics and not the true spiritual work of ------- It is a big picture goal the purpose of this first class Kabbalah 3 The Power of Kabbalah 3 It is to help us too really have a stronger intention of the work that we do It is to get deeper What is my intention because it is human nature to get in to a routine, and part of the routine I am doing things because that is what is accepted by society by this study group, by this teacher by this group of people and of course it is a good group of people but it is not enough It is not enough, I will be tested The real spiritual work is the questions that I ask myself at home Those questions Even though I am loved I am asking myself the question if I am loved too much, and I am enjoying it why do I need to change it there is something wrong There is a story about ----------- one of the Kabbalist, one of the descendants from the ------- that lived some 250 years ago He was very known He was very brutally honest, but he was very known He asked once what did I do what wrong did I do past life time that I became known because he looked at the idea of being known not as the best thing in the world but on one hand you have to be known in order to share but from the ego point of view the ego likes to be known because in his mind there is one goal; transformation of my nature eliminating another layer of selfishness of ego so when we speak about -------- and climbing the ladder we need to ask yourself daily questions What have I done today that I climbed the ladder what new area in myself I saw that I need to let go to climb the ladder what extra stretch I have done today without getting recognition from the people I love to get recognition that I have done today Yeah but I need some energy back Where am I going to get it from? getting closer to the light, I'm getting the light but I don't feel the light you are right as we are getting closer to the light becoming like the light become closer the frequency of the light part of the test is not to feel it right away but here comes the energy of trust even the energy of trust and certainty that we are developing are allowing us to feel sparks of the light that is the real spiritual work those moments that I don't get the approval because when I am getting approval even though my action was brilliantly positive and stretching. It is mix of ethical and spirituality but those moments that getting no energy in return from people those are the moments that are bringing me closer to true freedom and true connection We speak about real relationship between husband and wife between two friends of course there as to be some level of circuitry of giving and taking and taking and giving because if it is just one sided you will have bread of shame but in the true process of friendship of true relationship There is a process that I am becoming the giver and I am not going to let myself be resentful about it The reason I am resentful I am too dependent on the other person giving me back that is the reason I am resentful What I am understanding it is like a triangle By me giving, I am actually receiving back from the light and that is the circuitry and maybe they have some hard time the other person I am giving too and is not capable to give me back, it's ok It's ok as long as I am coming from place of pleasing or for the other person to like me which is all ego based and ethical based society based and not light connection based sometimes when the goal is truly ------ to the light and that is my true intention we have the gut feeling and knowing that I have to be tough with my friend It might not be popular but is it the right thing to do yes, but I am going to be judged but lets look at the bigger picture It is about ------ If I am doing the right thing for the right intention in the long term it will be good with my friend as well even though temporarily it will contradict the idea of getting closer to the light but that is the difference between a man and a boy in the spiritual work is it about being popular or is it about getting closer to the light is it about changing myself when I am confronted when someone is telling me something or because I looked bad and I'm pressured to changed or is the internal pressure because I feel the light of the creator within me and I am constantly comparing towards the unlimited level I am constantly looking at other people that have higher cons------ than me as an example of getting closer and changing and transforming but at the end of the day the work is between me and the light and that is priority and thats tough to say that the whole idea of love and relationships The only way its going to last if the real report I give is daily before i am going to sleep at night Thats the only way I can be truly loved Because if its about being liked it's agenda oriented I am limited, I am blocked Our potential is so huge and one of the main reasons that our potential is diminished or blocked or or not blossomed if people are comparing to much to other people and are spending so much time being liked and getting recognition from other people So I will be in a prison, that;s a prison it's a prison that when things are good I feel good and when I am not getting the approval I feel bad and we put that prison Rav Ashlag using the words Hebrew text He is saying that gradually as we are doing that work with intention of getting closer to the light and seeing actually that my ego is upset for not getting recognition of other people and I stop comparing of what other people think of me Its more bigger picture spiritual work and the gradually I am developing a second nature of true giving outside of myself, not based on other peoples perception and then gradually I'm becoming freed from needing those little pleasures he calls them of honor and respect I'm becoming freed from needing them and as a result I achieve total protection because rav ashlag telling us the main cause for pain in our live, is depending and needing other peoples energy when gradually I'm realizing that the only energy that I really need is the conneection to the light of the creator and the only way to get there is to get closer to the light of the creator then I am protected because the difference between a human being and the light, the light is always 100% there its only my consciousness that seperate from me and the light, and people sometimes are there sometimes they're not So as I'm basing and trusting my support and energy to the light of the creator my life will be free of pain free of chaos What will be the recommended application this week how do we translate this concept of cleaving getting closer to the light versus ethical consciousness to down to earth So the first thing I will recommend until you listen to the next session is begin the day with that intention, begin the day with what do I really want for the rest of the day what will determin a succesfull day Is it really about being succesfull at the different projects that I am doing? How do we determine succes? and than inject that consciousness and intention Succes is: I want to get closer to the Light today I want opportunity to do things, that is is between me and the Light regardless if people knew about it or not and even in the midst of the project that I am doing something very good or helping something or sharing with someone or kind to someone or giving advice to someone you want in the beginning of the day to inject the intention please allow me not to forget that I am doing it not just for the feeling of being liked or loved because all of us share the same ego that wants to be liked But I want really to have that intention and consciousness driving me and that's the beginning of the day set the consciousness for that's the intention and in that moment you're saying that throughout the day I have many reactive tests opportunity to overcome my reactivity so in K1 and K2 I have learned yes I am restricting why I want to restrict? what's the purpose of not falling into the reactive nature because I am not connected then no because every time i am restricting my reactive nature the Light give me opportunity to get closer to him because what is restricting my reactive?

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