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Dove Real Beauty Sketches

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I always thought people were so cute when they have the little cheeks and they're like rosier, but mine are pretty plain If I was going to change one feature about my face I would say that I would want fuller lips. I am definetely a person that looks tired and when I'm tired and when people say that I'm immediately like:" Oh, man” I'm starting to already get a little of crows feet and stuff which is like my mom has, so... yeah. I'm a forensic artist, I was trained at the FBI academy in 1993 in composite art. I worked for the San Jose police department as the police artist from 1995 to 2011. We didn't really know what we were doing so that was nerve racking for everyone. I've showed up to a place I've never been and walked into this big warehouse And at the very end was a guy with his back to me with drafting board. I had a curtain separating me so that I don't see them. Umm... We'll begin First of all, tell me about your hair. Hum... brown, long. I guess a little bit passed my shoulders. Your jaw? My mom told me I had a big jaw. Yeah, they are brown eyebrows, dark brown eyebrows. I didn't know what he was doing but I could tell after several questions that he was drawing me. Tell me about your chin. I guess I never really compared to anyone else's chin but, uh... Especially when like I smile I feel like it protrudes a little bit What would be your most prominent feature? I kind of have a fat rounder face The older I've gotten the more freckles I've gotten. We sort of realized: Oh, man, now I have to talk about myself and, and, and think about my looks. I'm forty so I'm starting to get a little bit of the crows feet going on... hum... Once I get their sketch, I say "thank you very much "and then they leave, I don't see them. I still didn't know. All I have been told before the sketch was to get friendly with this other woman, Chloe. Today I'm gonna ask you some questions about a person you met earlier And I'm gonna ask you some general questions about her face. She was thin so you could see her cheek bones. And her chin was a nice thin chin. The women were really critical about moles, scars and things like that. And yet they were describing just a normal beautiful person. She had nice eyes. They light up when she spoke and were very expressive. The length of the nose, what is that like?

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Dove Real Beauty Sketches

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