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RED S01E05 - Bebidas e uma Confissão

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Then, I come back speaking with the local accent... As for her, I got from her this annoying habit of speaking with eyes shut, you know? "No... Sure... It's ok...". Stop it! As if I spoke like this. Dude, I'm spending too much time with you. Yeah, I think so too... It's too much, Mel. I don't want it anymore! That's enough! Enough with all this interaction. By the way, I don't know anything about those shootings. Mel doesn't tell me anything about it. What are you talking about? I tell you everything. Mel, Mel, let me tell him! Wait, wait! Henrique, dude, what happens between these two on set... Dude, it's bizarre. You have no idea. It's amazing. Seriously. Wow, is the chemistry that good? I got you curious, huh? I got you curious, I can feel it. Dude, I'll tell you, I'll tell you... Look... Ok... An amazing chemistry happens but it gets even serious, dude. I'm saying it not as a director but as someone who admires these two. You know? I'm really a fan. They have an unusual compatibility. No, no... wait! The way you're saying it, I'll start to think that Liz is my competition... Stop it! C'mon! And not you, Eric. Look! Speaking of her, look who's here. Hello! How are you? Welcome... This is Henrique... Hi, nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. What's up? Speaking of the devil! We were just talking about you. Really? Were you? What's up, Gaia? Guys, this is Laura. Hello, nice to meet you. Did you feel it? The competition? What? Competition? No, nothing... Nothing... Eric is talking non sense. C'mon, guys, what a bad mood! I'm here boosting their ego, praising their work... I'm telling him, Liz, that you're our stud. And how is this relationship, exactly? Their relationship? They're almost like a couple... It's all very subtle... With some eye contact, exchanging smiles, some touching... It's all very subtle... But, maybe, it's possible to take advantage of the situation... No, wait! Wai, wait! Taking advantage is my right as the husband. I'm the one who can take advantage. Guys, c'mon, no one is taking advantage of anyone here. They are professionals. Exactly! Gaia, I love you! (Mel, off screen) Gaia, speak for yourself, ok? Speak for yourself. But that's what I think. Guys, I'm going to grab one more beer. Does anyone want some? Laurinha, do you want some? No, thanks. Ah, Laurinha... Guys, I think Laurinha is too shy. You will keep me company, c'mon! Let's grab a beer. He's crazy, man. He's a nut case. Listen, is there a smoking area here? Yes... Actually, I think it's best if you're going downstairs. Do you want me to go along? Do you want to come with me? I do, I do... I'm going there with her. I'll be right back. I'm taking your beer. Mad, mad, he got so mad! With that huge bandage on his feet. And we didn't take he seriously. Obviously we wouldn't take he seriously. What are you talking about? Nonsense from set. Right... Eric... He's such a character... Our director. Where's the restroom here, Mel? Look, you go upstairs, there're two doors... It's not the first one... The second one you get in... I don't know where it is. Can you take me there? Sure! Yeah. I'll take you there. C'mon. Look, Laura, it's here. Make yourself comfortable, ok? Mel, you know Liz with me, don't you? I do... You got here together... So, why are you hitting on her? What do you mean? I'm not following... What do you mean hitting on her? Mel, listen... I know you work together. I know how it goes on set. And from what I've heard, the chemistry is great. But here's the thing: this isn't fiction... This is real life. And, in real life, she's with me. Look, I really don't get why you're talking to me like that... Mel... Understood? Did I make myself clear? You did... Great. You know you actually fit in my requirements? Oh, really? Maybe, it doesn't seem so... But I do have some. Laurinha, Laurinha! Where's our pussycat? Guys, where's everybody? Henrique left to answer a call and never came back. Mel disappeared... I don't know. I don't know about anyone. What the heck. Hey, wait. What? What's going on? Nothing. Let's go back to the party. Mel... Look at you... It was nothing, Liz. It was... Laura who approached me here... No, wait! Tell me! Wait, Mel! What did she do to you? She didn't do anything... I mean, she said a few things... I think she's jealous. She said I was hitting on you. What?! Yeah, I didn't get it. I don't believe it! But, it's ok... Women tend to be very jealous... I know, I've been there... It's ok. With a woman? Yeah... With a woman. We got to a point where we wouldn't talk at all, just argue. Jealousy destroys everything. Even though I loved her very much, I broke up with her. But I'm not saying this will happen with you and Laura. Please! You know what I mean, right? Mel... It's ok. Relax, Mel. I'll talk to her later, ok? Ok... Great. It's been a long time you're together? No, not much. We're having fun... No labels... Not long. Got it. Got it... Cool... Great. Err... Let's go back to the party? I guess you wanna drink, right? Let's go? I do. C'mon. I guess I got attached to Scarlet, you know? I like her... I don't know... It's nice to play her out, you know? She's powerful. Very powerful... So... Different from me. So that's nice. She's not that different. Ah, I'm not like her... I'm clumsy. Eric is such a character, ins't he? Damn, he's way too much today. Today, he is... It's because it's a party... He's excited... Wants to show off. I guess that's it. He got better from that injury, didn't he? Yes, he did.

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Posted by: redwebseries on Feb 21, 2017

Escrito por/Written by VIV SCHILLER e GERMANA BELO
Dirigido por/Directed by FERNANDO BELO

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