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The NextGen Global Leaders

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Hello, I'm Jay Clark, President of Sun Consulting Services. We want to welcome you to the NextGen Global Leader Process. This is a customized, flexible, and systematic approach that produces sustained results. In today’s business environment, many experts are pointing to the lack of management talent and leadership at the international level as the potential barrier for emerging market companies expanding into global players. This is why Sun Consulting has created the NextGen Global Leaders program, because we see the need for global leaders in the emerging markets. NextGen Global Leaders is much more than a training or leadership curriculum. It is a process that we’ve designed that will truly transform leadership and effectiveness of an organization at multiple levels and particularly as it relates to the global business arena. Customized to each company’s business needs, our unique process ensures that there is a direct application of the material into your specific business environment, and this brings about long term transformation and sustained results! A recent industry report explains the concept of a company’s “hard” and “soft” power. “Hard power refers to the use of scale, financial might, and a low-cost position to win business. By contrast, soft power is the capability to have creative innovative thinking, to attract and influence customers and employees in a way that they sincerely want to be part of the company’s mission and business activities.” Soft power is needed for effective cross-cultural and global expansion. For example, despite achieving astonishing growth rates, only a few Chinese companies have developed brand names that are recognized beyond Chinese borders. The primary problem is these companies lack soft power, an asset every big multinational company utilizes in one form or another. “Even if the raw potential is there, these types of companies will have to master the imperatives of “soft power” in order to reach the next level of international growth.” This is our vision and hope for you with the NextGen Global Leaders Training Program, to help you develop this “soft power” and implement it to drive success as a global leader in the global marketplace. SO HOW IS THIS TRAINING PROCESS UNIQUE AND BETTER? In our experience, we’ve seen lots of ineffective training methods. There may be good content, but not do enough to assure follow through and actual implementation into your daily work. So the lifespan of the training impact is very brief. How does the NextGen Global Leader program keep from having this typical short life span? Our program uses a scientific and systematic approach. It allows learning to occur in safe environments and follows with a systematic process which reinforces the principles. Finally, our program is designed in a way that assures it will be implemented directly into your organization. The format is laid out in 3 phases: First, the E-Learning portion, which is the time for Creating Strategic Ideas. Participants are introduced to concepts at their own pace and convenience through online lessons and video. This material is reinforced by certain actionable plans in each lesson. Second are the Workshops, the time for Developing Business Concepts and reinforcing the ideas in a personal, team environment with exercises specific to your work. Third, and incredibly important is the Coaching stage. This is where implementation and follow through of developed ideas takes place into your particular role and business environment. This is where innovation and transformation begin to take place. Coaching is needed by everybody. Even the greatest leaders of the world have coaches who guide them from an outside perspective. Our coaching will provide individual attention for guidance, feedback, and most importantly, direct implementation into your job. Our coaches will dive with you directly into the challenges you face trying to manage and lead an effective team and organization, and do so while communicating at a comfortable and personal level. And in the long term, because of our deeper shared understanding of your role in your company, we can continue to serve you by providing valuable insights from the consulting expertise of our coaches. Sun Consulting’s core services in Advisory, Partnership, and Strategy are available to you At this point will be much more effective to you because your company has the background of NextGen Global Leaders Program. ONGOING IMPACT AFTER COACHING: Unlike other programs, our impact doesn’t end after the lesson or even after the coaching. At that point, you will not only have developed your own “soft power”, but also a new innovation and learning culture that you can replicate and multiply to others at your organization and with your international partners. This is just one of the ways that you’ll be a more effective leader in the global marketplace. In our courses, we look at many case studies, such as the Chinese company, Haier. Their CEO did not have MBA training, but he learned the principles he needed to drive organizational transformation and success in rising from a struggling Chinese refrigerator company to the home appliance giant in the global market. He was an innovative global leader, and under his vision, he was able to obtain a strong commitment to this kind of innovation and learning culture at Haier. And this drove their global success. CONCLUSION: WHY THE NEXTGEN PROCESS IS SO IMPORTANT The complexity of international business requires ongoing learning and flexible strategies into the future. An Asian human-resources firm said this, The speed of market change, foreign markets and internal markets are becoming much more complex than even a couple of years ago.” Companies that make the leap to the next level are intentional in integrating flexible strategic initiatives with emerging leadership development opportunities. And that is our transformation process with the NextGen Global Leaders program, that many months down the road, after the e-learning courses, the workshops, and the coaching are complete, that as the NextGen Global Leaders, you will be transformed in your thinking, strategy, leadership and innovation, and be able to achieve more effective global partnerships, expansion, and profits. This is where the importance NextGen Global Leader’s sustained results really produces in the long run. This program will not be just a short-lived boost for a few individuals. Rather, the transformation process will lead to sustained and innovative results for your company’s growth, profitability, and effectiveness in the global marketplace. We are excited to join you on this journey together. Thank you.

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Video describing the NextGen Global Leaders Transformation Process

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