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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~18:01:06 - 18:16:06

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You'd put us out together with him. Zhanna! Andrei, gimme the ball. Andrukha! ― Eh, come on. ― Go for it! ― Andrei, hurry up! ― Come on, come on! ― Zhanna is out of play! ― Come on, go out! Roma, Andrei, your turn. Oh, what's this over in? Now it's my turn! ― No, it's mine. ― Don't push. ― Oleg, that will never do! ― Why not? Come here, stand by me. Why, why? Roma, Roma. Stand by him. ― No, please, don't. ― Let them go, otherwise they'd fall over one another. Come on, get up. ― While he wants to see you. ― Yes. You had a dozen chances to throw the ball! Come on, don't spin it out. ― Just throw the ball. ― Hurry up! Throw the ball! Go for it, Andrei! You take it, well? Come on, throw the ball. ― No more passes. ― Hurrah. ― Here we go! Here it is! Zhanna, walk up. Zhanna, let's go! ― No more left. ― No, it's not over. ― Zhanna, Zhanna. It would be uninteresting this way! Zhanna! Zhanna! Andrei, where do you stand? Look where you stand! That's unfair! That's it, have him stand there! Look where he stands! Elya, look where he stands? ― Andrei, wait! ― Throw the ball, now. ― Zhanna! No, that's unfair. ― Unfair! Well, I don't know... I don't know. Oleg! To the left? Zhanna, go right there! Come on, Andrei, no flops! ― Whoopee! Well, I beat you. ― No, I won! ― Well, I say, next time. ― Two turns were mine too. You had one more throw, yes? ― No, I had only one. ― Well, then, we wouldn't better keep on. ― We shall go upon that. ― Hurrah, Zanna, walk up! Zhanna, Zhanna, walk up. ― Here we are, take me by the hand. ― No! ― No! Or else you'd, they'd soon wipe you out. ― No! Zhanna, that's unfair. No, it is, cause she's small! Just why? Ilyas, don't pull it, or they'd soon put you out! I'd do it this way, from behind the tree. Go and stand by Andrei. Zhanna, you now go there. ― Set up, you guys. ― What, sit up? ― Set up! ― What? ― Come closer together. ― Together! ― Oleg, come on! ― Hey, Roma! No, wrong! Look at him, and aim at me! ― Ah! ― Got it! Now! Well done, come to me! Ilyas, get out! Ilyasik, come on, let's go! Oh, wait, that does not count! You are too late! They are some kind of different... OK, then. ― I totally missed. ― Yes, yes, yes! ― My turn. ― No, don't do it! ― Oleg! Ilyas, don't touch or I'd... ― Well, almost... ― Horrible! Did you almost poop in your pants? Hey, you, just look where you go, aim at the voice! You too, watch out! ― Oleg! ― Here you go. Why? I give him, and he wouldn't take! Gimme the ball. You are my friend, aren't you! ― I'll then give you your turn. ― Come on, pass at him! ― Ten passes! ― Look! ― Ilyas! ― I did it faster this way! ― Zhanna! ― I just wanted to catch the ball! Play! ― Oh, well done. ― Missed, missed! ― There, calm down! ― Well done, good boy! Andrei, come on! Throw the ball. Go for it, pass! He'd go away now! ― Wouldn't you go, then? ― Take it, they'll have some rest! ― We would not give up. ― You going there? Oh, dear, it's gonna be something! They win! It's me now, Oleg, it's me! Yeah, a high one. ― Where do you hit? ― Throw the ball, pass on to me! You, move faster, come on! I wouldn't give no pass. ― Andrei, don't pass. Roma, come on, move to the side. ― Hurrah! ― Who, who? ― It's for you. ― What for me? ― Then it shall be your turn. Ilyas, Ilyas! Lena! Come help us! I was looking at Elya. ― A looked at Elya. ― Ilyas, forget it! Well, now I shall pass, and you both... ― You are not for us? ― I'm not playing! ― And where am I? ― Ilyas! Where is Ilyas? ―Two? ― No, two do not count! ― I go after Ilyas. Ilyas, stand up! Pass the ball to someone. Pass it to him. Elya, go, go. Somebody, throw the ball here! Now I go. Why? There are only two. ― Andrei hit the bush. ― No! ― Well, pass to me. ― No, Zhanna, don't pass. Missed just a little bit. ― Corner kick. ― Why do a corner kick? Ilyas, it's me now. ― Here you are. ― Well, come on, throw. Just don't drag your feet. ― How am I supposed to do that? ― He didn't say? He said? Did he? ― And what did he say? ― Please, pass the ball to somebody! There now, I knew it! What a moment, I'll kick the ball. ― What's this? ― Roma, come here.― No! Me... Hm... I have that. And Oleg, does he know? Well then, come here. That's all, Andrei, get out of here! ― Oleg, you'd better take me. ― Better what? ― Oleg, better take me. What's with you? Scared? ― That's all, Oleg. ― No. ― You beat 'em all. Let me do it on my own. I'll knock em out in no time! ― You'd never do it yourself. ― That's all, we're gonna loose for sure. What a shame, you guys. Now I shall aim at you together with Zhanna, all the same. Just stop for a while! And me, where shall I stand? What, what's with you? Roma, go stand by Andrei. Andrei is all alone there. ― Hey, what's this? ― I don't know. ― Here we go! ― Show it to me. ― What's this, candy? ― Show it to me! ― Ilyas, come on. ― Stay there, something is stuck to me. ― Oh, just a piece of paper. ― Well, that's all... Get up! Where's he running? He runs away all the time. ― Oleg! ― Oleg, where? Elya! That's unfair! ― Unfair? ― Yes, that's unfair. Throw the ball at once. ― But Elya is fair. ― Ilyasik! ― Come on, go home! Oh, keep dreaming. Zhanna, step back! ― You did it twice. ― Pass me the ball, Roma. Don't pass to Elya, why she's sitting there? Zhanna, take the ball. Go for it, five, six times! Oh, Ilyasik had a good hit! Come, Zhanna. ― Zhanna is out of play. ― No, she plays! Now it's Zhanna's turn. ― Zhanna, stand up! ― Where? ― Hey you, you were not kicked out. ― She was! ― No! ― No! ― Listen, she was kicked out. ― Yes, kicked out. ― That's unfair! Kicked out, that's all! ― OK, kicked out, got it. ― Well now, we'd soon smash you! What? What's this? ― Oleg, Oleg! ― What are you doing? I'm always late! ― What, you are still throwing. ― Where? ― Come on, everybody! ― You guys, come here. What's this with all of you, that's unfair! Oleg! That's all, two people. ― Pass me the ball! ― Well, anybody, pass the ball. ― Here you are, take your pass! ― Now show yours! Oleg! Oleg? ― What about me, shall I stay here forever? ― Here you are, I'll give it to you. Yes, ten times! Elya, come on, you can kick out. Why is it Elya all the time? You do something yourselves! ― What's wrong with you, Zhanna? ― Zhanna? Zhanna, Zhanna? What's this? Andrei, just stop! Poor Zhanna, why does it always happen to her? How many time was she beaten? ― Five. ― Not five, four. ― Oleg is with you as well. ― What, me too? ― Yes, you are. ― I see. ― Keep dreaming! ― That's all, stand up. Roma, go there for one time. Andrei, go there. ― Go there. ― Come! ― Zhanna! ― Just one time! Andrei, come on! Well, OK, I'll be there on my own, alone. Well, you had one throw, now I'll throw one time. Romka, pass me the ball. Zhanna! ― Yes, got it! ― No! ― Yes! Yes, yes! Stop! ― Where are you? Roma? ― That's all, Roma is out of play! Second pass! Thanks, Romka! That's all, I'll stand there instead of Roma. ― And I'll aim there! ― Pass, pass, pass, pass. ― Come on, throw the ball! ― Pass, pass. Oh, Zhanna, they hit you! Yes, Zhanna! Don't aim at her that hard. Here again. Zhanna, didn't I give you the ball? Yes, here again. You have one more left, yes? ― One more, right? ― Was it a pass then? Yes... Where, where are you standing? Come on, fast, gimme the ball. ― Where are you standing? ― Step back! You're doing it wrong all the way. You guys, that's really something. One is here, one is there. Hang in the middle. Yes, Elya is hanging. No chance to hug to her. Well, yes, you need to catch the ball fast! What's with you? ― Come on, we are friends, aren't we? ― I don't give the ball, don't pass! Oleg, that's unfair! Zhanna, step back! ― Well, new crying. ― Andrei, give it to me. Here it is, please take. Let him play on his own. Why do you go there? Tell him to pass right, or they don't count. You fool! ― But he's small! ― Andrei! Why does he beat him? Go out. Andrei, come on, go out of here, we'd do on our own. If you do it once more this way, we'd stay without you. Go to the edge. I would not do it this way. ― Well, let Roma have a throw. ― Andrei wouldn't play. OK, he wouldn't. You, go and stand there. ― Stand right over there. ― My hit. ― I did it this way. ― Hit. ― What, you hit it? ― Give him the ball, let him have a throw. ― Where do you stand then? Roma, you aim at that side, got it? Elya! Elya! Andrew, I have two passes! Two passes? Now it's my pass. One. That's all, Roma, you wouldn't play any more! ― I'll call you up right now. ― I don't play. Just stop, yeah? ― Well, yes, it's Zhanna's turn! ― Keep dreaming! ― Elya is about to come right now. ― Come on, do it. That's all, isn't it? One? Just one left? Oh, he bites! Andrei, Andrei, I'm just sick of you! ― Look, he bites me! ― Oleg and Andrei!

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
Views: 144
Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 13, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 18:00-18:15 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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