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1642 How to cope if you have a fall

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If you fall, don't panic. Work out if you've hurt yourself and try to summon help by shouting or banging on the wall, or if possible crawl to the telephone. If you are hurt and think you can't get up, rest and wait. Move to a safe surface, if you have fallen a hard surface, try to move to a carpeted area. Cover yourself to keep warm, anything will help; rugs, coats, newspapers and move out of drafts. Don't lie in one position for too long, roll from side to side and move your arms and legs if possible. If you think you can get up but can't get onto your knees, shuffle your bottom to either your stairs or a solid step or stool. Take your time and then use your bottom to push up onto the stair or step. Spend some time sitting before trying either to push up onto the next step or to get to a chair. Don't feel you need to rush and give yourself time to recover before contacting someone to let them know you've had a fall, and that you are okay. If you think you can get up using your knees, roll onto to your hands and knees and crawl to a stable piece of furniture such as a bed or chair. Place your hand onto the bed or chair for support and place one foot flat on the floor bringing your knee in front of your tummy. Lean forward and push onto your hands until you bring the other foot beside the first. Turn and sit on the bed or chair, rest a while before getting up. It may sound easy to get up like this but after a fall it will be difficult. Practicing can help and if you can attend a strength and balance class you will be able to practice safely with supervision.

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1642 How to cope if you have a fall

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