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TROM: 2A-C - Requirements - Work (2.0)

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Labor is the direct contribution to the monetary system, to the circulation of money, but is also the only way to acquire money, which leads directly to the obligation of work. Most jobs only focus on the ultimate prize, money, with little regard for the human condition. Labor, in this way, is another form of slavery. Automation can replace most repetitive jobs today perfecting the quality of work, but let's concentrate on something much more important: motivation. Our motivations are unbelievable interesting, I mean .. I find ..I have be working on this for a few years and I just find this topic still so amazingly engaging and interesting. So I want to tell you about that. The science is really surprising . The science is a little bit .. freaky, ok? We are not as endlessly manipulable, and predictable as you would think! There's a whole set of unbelievably interesting studies. I want to give you two . They call in to question this idea that if you reward something you get more of the behavior that you want, if you punish something, you get less of it. So let's talk..let's go from London to the main streets of Cambridge Massachusetts , to The NE part of the United States. And I wanna talk about a study done at MIT, Massachusetts Institute Technology . Here's what they did: They took a whole group of students, and they gave them a set of challenges, Things like, memorizing strings of digits, solving word puzzle, other kind of special puzzle, even physical tasks like throwing a ball through a hoop. So work is mandatory in the monetary system, and this system makes money the primary motivation for work; which leads, scientifically, to a very low efficiency of the workers because autonomy, mastery and purpose are what motivate humans. Millions of people have already been replaced by machinery and this will continue. In fact it's even cheaper to invest in machinery because they do not need salaries, medical insurance, air conditioning, holidays or breaks. Remember that any repetitive work can be automated, as for the other jobs... Many have a very difficult time seeing how automation can be applied to complex jobs such as doctors, architects etc. In order to consider this we first need to ask ourselves what the true nature of our occupational roles really are. What exactly is a doctor, a carpenter, a plumber or an architect? What are they actually doing? They recognize and react to observed patterns. When a doctor examines you, all he is doing is mentally referencing what he has learned. If you go to a dermatologist because you think you might have cancer on your arm, the doctor is going to examine the skin and mentally reference the patterns he or she has been taught. Then he will take a sample of the skin to be tested by machine analysis. It is a technological process. There is no reason to say... that an optical scanner connected to a computer database cannot scan your arm... and immediately understand what problem exists. Even surgery, as sensitive as it may seem, is a purely technical process It is only a matter of time before extremely advanced machines replace surgeons. The same goes for every utilitarian occupation in existence. The utilitarian roles that humans assume in society today are fundamentally technical by nature While this seems obvious with regard to physical labour, our mental labour can now be delegated to computers as well. If this sounds foreign to you, please note that if you have ever used a calculator you have delegated your decision-making to a machine When you divide 19,500 / 30 with a calculator, it is the machine that decides the result, not you. We must remember that logical reasoning is the cognitive ability to find solutions from a cause and effect standpoint following the rules and laws of a given system. It is an entirely technical process. There is nothing magical or esoteric in an addition, or the identification of a molecule in a component. [ Alternative Solutions ] [ 1) Automation ] The solution will be automating as much as is possible, and the remaining jobs (which would be only a few) will be done by people because science has shown that a man's work is better when it is motivated by purpose and not by money. Those being proven, man can be free of work, meaning free of slavery in most cases, which represents a giant step forward in the evolution of humans. While work is done largely by machines and man is motivated by purpose, the access to goods and services will be free of charge. If automation would lead directly to a lack of jobs, the remaining jobs would be done because of their purpose (to improve society), then such a development would not require a monetary system to function. The main purpose of technology is to make the individuals life easier, and now technology is so advanced that the individuals life may be exempt from any involvement in finding food, information, comfort or any aid. Only the influence of an extremely harmful system can enforce a negative situation like the one currently on Earth. A situation where ordinary individuals know just a fraction of the available information and where technology is capable of improvements, but not used. To compel other individuals of your species to work when work can be automated, or to ask for obedience in exchange for food, leads to psychopathic behavior of individuals that create or perpetuate such situations. A situation like this can only be the result of a psychosis of individuals with power in society.

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Description : TROM represents the biggest documentary ever created, but, also the only one that tries to analyse everything : from science to monetary system and real solutions to improve everyone's life. A new and real way to look about the world. " Before the Big-Bang, till present, and beyond."

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