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Jin-Yong Jeong, Won-Ki Min - After TED Player

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Hello, I'm Jinyong Chung, aka ShoongShoong. Hello, I'm Wonki Min. Are there any iphone owners out there, and can you hold it up please? I'm sure we are being recorded right now. Wow, there are a lot of you, cool. Thanks. Anyone out there download the TED player app? (yes~) Wow, great, thanks. Yes, we are here to share with you about our experience developing the TED player. 6 months ago, we came together for the first time for an iphone study, and was motivated to develop a cool application for it. Around the same time, we came aware of TED and all its cool contents. When we tried to view the videos from our mobile phones, it was not so easy. So we waited for someone to create an app Hmm, Que music please (laughter) Wondergirls will speak for us now, Nobody~Nobody~ (lyrics) Nobody came up with one. So just like the Wondergirls wanted, (Applause) as the end of the chorus of this song says, 'Nobody but you!' We ended up making it ourselves. We put our hearts and mind together. and came up with the first TED Player as our first project. You can download the TED video on your iphone, and there's the subtitle function. 2 functions. But the reaction was great. We received 180 re-tweets within 6 hours. That day was pure euphoria. (laughter) It was my first time experiencing such joy. Our app has been downloaded 16 thousand times globally. And it was an application that we ourselves wanted... (laughter) An application developed out of our own need was enjoyed by others, how awesome is that! So we decided to develop more. It is called TEDxSeoul event application. Has anyone downloaded it yet? Wow....Thank you again. On this app, instead of just allowing TEDx Talks, We added information about speakers on today's event, and Twitter information about TEDxSeoul And jammed them into a single application. This is our second project. After developing 2 applications, we received a ton of feedback. The most popular feedback was 'Is there one for Android?'. There was an overwhelming request. So, finally, we will be introducing the TED Player for Androids. (Applaud) On July 30th, the Samsung App Store within T Store will have for you the TED Player for Android phones. It will not only include the existing functions, but will also have the videos from various TEDx conferences held in Korea. The 3 applications we developed was by no means on our minds 6 months ago when we first met. Honestly, back then ... (laughter) Ah... (Applause) We never dreamt that things would end up this way. Yes, it was out beyond our imagination. (laughter) We had no idea we'd be on this stage today. So, these days, we are getting a lot of inquiries on how to develop applications similar to TED Player that can play videos and other contents outside of TED contents, that have CC licenses. So that we're kind of stressed. So that's the brief history of the past 6 months. What we are here to share with you is that if you have great ideas, don't keep it to yourself, but share with as many people as you can. If you have no one to share with, you can share them with us. And start your own stories. Thank you. (Applause)

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Duration: 5 minutes and 10 seconds
Year: 2010
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Producer: TEDxSeoul
Director: TEDxSeoul
Views: 255
Posted by: tedxseoul on Sep 14, 2010

Jin Yong Chung has been fascinated by TED and started to plan a project, TED Player. He is participating in TEDxSeoul organizer and planning many other TED Mobile projects. Won Ki Min also has been fascinated by TED and started to develop a project, TED Player. He is working as a mobile developer and hoping the better world through people's active participation and communication.

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