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How to be a Portal 2

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Portal Support 2 Hi this is Winged continuing the video interviews on Portal Support. So I’ve just in my first interview communicated a bit about Self Forgiveness, points of my experience with Self Forgiveness and with regards to reactions such as anxiety within yourself. So you look at thoughts, or... let me start with the following: In the beginning of the process everything inside you, that's going on, you know, the thoughts and the emotions and the feelings, as you becoming aware of them it may seem like a "mountain", you know kind of you standing back inside yourself and you're looking at yourself and these thoughts are just going and the emotions and the feelings and the reactions and you just see everyone inside your world and your environment and you just wanna pull your hair out of your head because it seems like just too much. In the beginning some will experience this within themselves as though their mind and the thoughts and emotions and feelings seems so big, so huge, such a vast amount and this is where breath and breathing is so important. So you take it literally moment by moment because that mess inside yourself with regards to the thoughts and the emotions and the feelings and everything interacting, and the reactions and the suppressions and... is just sometimes... you look at yourself and you just go... ok... This is where breathing is so important. You know we've existed within this mess within ourselves for our entire lives, and... therefore taking it literally moment by moment, breath by breath, you literally slowly but surely disentangle yourself from this entire manifested mind system within and as you which is with regards to information and how it's being designed and all the constructs, it's intricate. But within you being here with you in every moment of breath and, you know whatever comes up within yourself, the thoughts and the emotions and the feelings and you take direct responsibility for you in that moment you'll start realizing but what exists within you with regards to the mind to the thoughts and the emotions and the feelings is not actually so big… It just seems so vast and so extensive because you haven't realized you within it all yet, and what you see as within yourself with regards to the mind and how it's being designed as you... you've always only existed as that, you've always only seen that. You've always only been that of/as yourself. So, don’t be hard on yourself. You know, just start here, just the breath, start.. and you slow everything down inside yourself, slowing down is so important because the mind always races. Whenever you find yourself racing inside of yourself: stop. You just stop and whatever comes up in the moment you trust you that you will direct you within that moment accordingly and not accept and allow your mind to influence your self expression of you in that particular moment. You know as you are participating in this world, for instance sitting in front of the computer or watching movies, or anything, always slow yourself down, just breathing, breath, a thought comes up, a reaction comes up: stop within yourself, apply Self Forgiveness and just release - just I'm here... ...and you move on to the next moment. So we walk moment by moment by moment and within walking in every moment of breath, you will experience you and with regards to the mind everything will start slowing down and you'll realize that the mind emotions, feelings, reactions, actually moves quite slow, and... you'll become extremely stable within yourself, you know, literally no matter what happens inside yourself you'll direct you in self honesty in the moment accordingly. And the more within and as this process you'll start realizing but these thoughts and these emotions and feelings are not you. These reactions of the mind coming up inside of you. And see every moment as an opportunity to establish you. To not judge what's going on inside of yourself because we have a tendency of doing that of really becoming frustrated or angry or just judging what comes up inside ourselves but I look at it as an opportunity for me to establish me. So when a thought or an emotions, a feeling or reaction comes up: just immediately stop, stand, apply Self Forgiveness. And... an opportunity for me to become more effective, more specific. So it's about self, self assisting and supporting self. And it's the same with Self Forgiveness: it's you assisting and supporting you, me. It is who you are within applying Self Forgiveness. It's who you are within breathing, within this entire process. So remember you take YOU into consideration within this all. It's like we've existed within this whole maze of mess inside of ourselves, manifested as the mind and now we're literally standing up from within that and realizing who we are, that who we are is not just the mind. And realize that moment when applying Self Forgiveness, when a reaction is experienced and you experience everything, just stop. And you’re clear inside yourself and that anxiety dissipates, that experience there, just that silence, that stability, that absolute clarity, that is you. So, you are applying Self Forgiveness in assisting and supporting you, to realize YOU. Ok. Thank you. CC English Desteni Productions©

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