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Des grandes pensées à l'éveil de l'esprit - 7'

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And one day, the principles or the things which sound theoratical - the other person is me - become real, but not real as the mind may imagine it. You see, try and imagine intellectually that Louise is me! You may think about it. You may think about it, but that will get you nowhere, you see? Yet thinking about it and going from that idea : "Yes, that other person is me, and if I want to do me some good, I have to wish her good too, for example, can lead you to that type of thought: it leads you to an outer attitude: which means a thought which is true, which is great, because those are indeed great thoughts. The thoughts this teaching conveys are great thoughts. They are spiritual thoughts which make possible for somethnig to materialize. Thinking great thoughts progressively attracts that greatness to you. And, one day, you live it, but not at the level you thought it, but at the level where it really exists. Not on a merely earthly level : those thoughts come from a spiritual level and they materialize through you, and some day, you live them, basically. But having thought them, having reasoned them, and questioned them and reasoned them over again, and having practiced one exercise and another, is the path which one day leads to reality not an imagined reality, but the real reality of it. And when you try to explain it, once you've lived it, it becomes quite strange to other people. Except for those who have actually lived it. Ii is quite important to think great thoughts. It is quite important to think spiritual thoughts and to think them over by oneself. Some people always complain: I canot feel anything, I cannot seem to be able to experience things... They are just stupid kids who do not know you must first think about things, you must first reflect on things, and carry it far enough, and then draw conclusions; which means leading a life and having attitudes which tie in with what you have understood while you were thinking. And then, one day, being sets in. Do you understand? Yes. But you have to bring the thinking process to an end, your thinking has to lead to an attitude. The great thought you have reflected upon even if you reduce it to something small, when your brain is small, or your thinking ability is small, even if you bring it down simply to you, to the level which is yours, - you cannot bring it anywhere else anyway - that thought must lead to an attitude. It must have an impact on you. You have to be consistent. What comes out of a thought you have thought, a great thought you have reflected upon, leads to a better attitude in your life, and transforms you already. And because you change a little, a spiritual force of a higher level than before can come into you, than when you had not yet thought that way and when you had not changed a little also, though your attitude, which compensates for a past karma, which prepares for a future and which allows a spiritual force to come then. This is how one evolves, even many people here who feel they are not progressing much, do progress actually: and it shows! If you take a look at them, you see that something in them is changing, even when they practise very little of what they think, or even if they understand very little of the information we give them, even if they practise very little, something inside begins to change for them and something more can enter. For some people, it will not be in this life: it will be for a future life, but for many, it is now already. A quality of being begins to settle in. And it makes some of them readdy for that moment we call "real awakening". Quite a few will reach that moment, will manage to be ready for that, because they have thought and thought again these great thoughts and they have tried to practise the consequences of those thoughts. You see, just that simple thing: no conflict, ever. One day, you understand that, and you never are a source of conflict ever. That is a great thought, because it is a thought of love and inclusiveness, actually. So, one day, there is room for love, real love, which comes into you. And real love can only enter you if your spirit enters you, your own true spirit. And if your true spirit enters you, you awaken. So even if you cannot grasp but one single great thought, it may be the thread that leads to that. Others have understood that you must be in peace, peaceful I mean, do things calmly, one after the other, quit being restless all the time, and that is what they do, just that, and it may be enough too. Others have decided to be a blessing for those around them, meaning to always look at them, to always be smiling, to be joyful, or even seemingly shallow, but that stems from thinking about it, not from naturally being so. being naturally shallow will take you nowhere, although lightheartedness may be a quality you can acquire. And if you already have it, you can then become aware of it and use it to serve, consciously. Some chose that path. All paths are possible, as long as they lead to one of those great qualities which are the very nature of spirit. That means: either love for what is greater than us, compassion and benevolence for what is like us or inferior, joy, serenity or great clarity. If you work hard enough to acquire one of these substances, the spirit simply opens one day. Actually, the heart opens up and the spirit comes. Have a good day.

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Duration: 6 minutes and 47 seconds
Country: France
Language: French (France)
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Producer: Editions Chercheur de Vérité
Director: Brice Morot
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Posted by: apzoir.detereol on Jan 31, 2013

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