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The Electronic Life Forms project started in 2004 by a workshop with Ralf Schreiber and where we worked on analog robots at the Academy of Media Art in Cologne So then we started to think about electronic life forms, artificial life what is artificial life, how can you build artificial life and what's important and what are important principles for artificial life. So we started to solder little robots, which are really simple analog creatures and circuits they produce sound and movement and are totally fed by solar light so they are autarkic in a way that they start when the sun goes up and they stop when the sun goes down The Colmena project will be about 100 creatures, handknitted handknitted wire in cylindrical forms this will be the nest of the creatures and keep them protected from the weather the solar cells will be outside and catch the sunlight, and underneath there is a small motor that creates the movement of the electronic circuit and there are some piezo speakers coming outside of the creatures or the nest, which recreate the sound of the creatures. so we will hang them underneath trees in the whole park, and there will be two big swarms a big one and a smaller one, and some solo creatures in some other spots in the park as well so it's kind of an invasion of the creatures of the Miró park. When we received the invitation to participate in this award competition we started to do some research about the work of Miró and our work, and found some parallels of course, we have been familiar with his paintings and his graphical work, but less with his sculptural work So that was very inspiring for us to see and also to learn what he thought about his work that he had these pictures in his mind that maybe at night they would start living, they would explore the nature and he was very interested in the idea of merging his sculptural work and nature. So this is pretty much what we thought could be a nice new edge within the ELF project so our ELFs are inspired by his paintings in a formal way We have an organic, but kind of geometric shape and at the same time these creatures are very autarkic, they live by themselves, so there is no human being involved to make them alive and this is what we think was in Miró's mind when he was thinking about his sculptures and his work.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 43 seconds
Country: Spain
Language: English
Producer: Pau Waelder
Director: Pau Waelder
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Posted by: pauwl on Jul 2, 2010

Under the heading Colmena [Hive], artists Martina Höfflin and Pascal Glissmann, the winners of the Pilar Juncosa and Sotheby’s Award in 2009, present at the Pilar i Joan Miró Foundation (Mallorca, Spain) the evolution of their celebrated project Electronic Life Forms, a series of robotic critters that cast doubt on our perception of life and our relationship with new media.
The video includes an interview with the artists and several views of the installation.

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