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Patricia from Youth Foko Blog Club

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Joan : Do you want to say hello to the community? There are a dizain of people on the chatroom waiting for you and hundred from Rising Voices Patricia : now ? ok Hello how are you? Hi Joan , Hi everybody I'm fine We're very interested in knowing you more after your video, can you tell more about it? It shows how committed and activist you are Thanks for the compliments, I'm involved in many many many associations because I'm very passionate about it WE did the video with Nombana and we were helped by Stephane and Lindsay from Majunga I'M happy that you loved the video because we worked very hard on it we even skipped lunch Most of all during the edition Stephane nearly "killed" us! You must make him work more and ask him to teach you more things For how long did you have this idea? and do you want to do more activities? especially for the associations you're working for I'm doing all this for my future this is why I'm very passionate and learning a lot I like participating in different contests and being a part of these associations and learning from the others Great where is your motivation coming from you're very different from people of your age when did you learn to become such an activist? I didn't learn from my friends only from the society Congratulations and I'm sure you 'll know how to share your knowledge I would like to ask you a question about my video Yes of cours eyou can post it on your blog this is your work and you should show it to the world yourself! show them you capable you are I'm not good enough for now but when I'm more trained I'll do better and greater things

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Posted by: foko on Apr 27, 2008

Along with Karenichia, Patricia were taking care of new bloggers in Antananarivo this Saturday April 26th. When all the world was wamaxed by their activism at such young age (they are only high-school students) Joan from Foko had the opportunity to learn more from her and her motivations.

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