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Snitch (2013)

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(Jason) I should have never taken that package. I'm not a drug dealer. I swear to you, Dad. You believe me, right? (John) Of course I believe you. This is a federal case. The mandatory minimum law is very simple. Jason is facing 10 years in prison. Ten years? Get out. Get on the ground! (bailiff) The United States versus Jason Collins. (Joanne) I believe in the mandatory minimum laws. Please. I just want to help my son. (Joanne) We need your son to help us make arrests, before we can help him reduce his sentence. (Jason) What? Like setting someone up? I won't do it. (John) What if I did it for him? What if I helped you make arrests. We have ex-cons who were working the yard all day at the time. Maybe there is someone with a connection. I'm trying to get my life in order, okay? And I'm doin' that for my family. (John) I just need an introduction into that world. Let's have an honest conversation as to why you in my crib. (John) I'm in the construction business, and I don't have product for distribution. But if anyone needed transportation, I can provide that. Sound like he ready for the game. (Juan) Your driver - he handled the situation very well. We will use that. You got any idea who we're dealing with? This guy's ex Mexican para military and he runs this region for the Nuevo Leon cartel. When you work for us, you will be treated like family. This, of course, includes your wife, your child... This is the last stop. You complete this, and the judge that instant will release your son. I love you Jason. You play nice with the feds, man but what happens when everyone finds out you're an informant? They are gonna come after our families, John, (John) There is no way I'm going to let either side dictate our fates. No way. ♪ [edgy rap] Every move that I make, or I don't make, Jason won't have to live with for the next 10 years of his life. And what if you don't live? ♪ You wishin' hopin' ♪ (Joanne) You follow the drugs, you get players. You follow the money, you get a kingpin. (unseen man) Yeah - you know that he's never coming back. Hey, John, you sure you can pull this off? (John) Trust me. [Captions by]

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