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Medcezir part 7 (last part) English subs

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Translation by I was so scared before I went to Berlin because I don't know the language it's strange , actually there is a lot of turkish people there yeah, basically I was noticed that when I went, really you can spend a life there just in the turkish language , it's for that extent For me don't exaggerate I swear, I know English language , to limit that I can explain what I want , I'm seeing in Berlin a turkish to extent to explain to him my problem . An interesting city, I like it Me too the conclusion , did you learn Dutch ? I mean because of work I forced learning a little ofcourse where you are working ? I am working in a private company which company ? To call you from time to time , to hear your voice hey guys , I'm barely managed to come now welcome Hello how are you dear ? Have you informed Mert? or to call him now I thought that he is here too he don't know that I am here too I took him in a difficult way and brought him to here , he was wanted to go to his brother congratulations thank you there is a big thing between Eda and Doruk and you don't told me We will get up now Don't you have a day off tomorrow? but we want to go how you will get back to Tuzludere in this time ? a bus or a taxi, I mean I will go in a way we can arrive you too , it's not a problem ever no, don't tire yourself If you want you can stay with Ayse tonight I don't know Actaully that could be, I'll call my mom Did you saw that? What? that they were here No I'm pleased to have met you all, good night we too, I can arrive you if you want No there is no need, thank you Good night stand on the mouth of the girl bro she is a beautiful, she is different what happened ? You are jealous from Burak ?Look how much calm I'm down to even that I won't get jealous ever You knew it no you saw them in the picture then you came specially for that Yaman where ? Excuse me Translation by Mrs Sude Its me, Kenan. What is it? Why you are around here ? You scared me when I saw you coming I got worried, is there a problem ? leave me alone Are you ok? Leave me alone you are trembling , please come inside, drink a glass of water and wash your face , then you will not seen me again Have anyone made anything? Leave me alone dear Atalay it's ok , don't leave any small thing please and call me immediately when you have any information , same to you It's a phone capine , they will start searching tomorrow , we will make a petition There is something my mind can't hold it Selim Even that those people known that you complained on them to the prosecution , did they do that in front of people in this way ? They are coming on Who then? I don't know, but it's look like what it was happened to Mira even its maybe someone you know that you are working in this subject my love , please don't let our night get poisoning even it happened What is the thing to exaggerate in this extent my life , please Mira don't put me in stupid places what is the relation, will you be very hard at this limit in every fault I was make ok , don't make us speak now and hurts each others , we will talk tomorrow morning in a calm way please , I don't want to keep it to morning , please I'm sorry Come on, go in Where will you go? I'll look on my brother Good night don't be angry on me I'm angry Say that you are not angry say that you are not angry don't be angry are you hungry ? no , you take care on your pleasure so I will bless you in a small thing i can't refuse this blessing this night thank you oh god, be careful, the door is automatically, it will crush you good night to you , I will take it as owe and we will hold accountable later wait a minute , a minute . Where are you going? You will not drive the car in this way , right ? no , the clear air will be good to me if you want I can walk with you to the house and tomorrow I will bring the car you can take care of your work , don't pass time with me , come on I will not leave you alone this night say that you are not angry Mira please let us don't talk this evening please say that you are not angry I can't say that Mira , because I'm angry . Sometimes I don't know you for the first time I just want to proof something to you and me . Why you are so hard at this limit ? why did you put me in a difficult situation? Why you are playing with me? Yaman , I made a mistake , please don't be angry it's not easy for that limit who's made you sad to this extent ? Why you was crying ? what it will change if I said ? it could be good for you with you ? Are we talk about my life alone ? I know that subject very well because I talked with myself for a long time , the things that the people don't say it became bigger inside him Mr. Kenan became is a philosopher while in the jail What happened this evening? Who made you sad? no one can hurt me whenever I don't allow that , no one ever can hurt my soul No one then give me a paper with your laws and I will sign on it , let's we do that Mira please don't do that, did I saw something like that ? no no , I swear let's do that you are getting angry on me intentionally now, I swear that your mother's hurt actions are found in you also oh god , what does that mean ? that's mean you are going to the dark side suddenly Look at you, what does it means that I'm going to the dark side ? How i'm going ? Can you say to me Yaman? Translation by the end

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