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Jamie Oliver's Christmas Turkey REMIX

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* Guys, we're gonna cook turkey! Woooh! Hello, welcome to the food revolution. Woooh! Guys, we're gonna cook turkey! It's gonna be as crispy as can be... ...up there...I'm Jamie Oliver, i'm known very commonly to save lives're gonna want 1/2 cup of butter...i don't have expensive equipment or medicine we have got some chipolata...i use information... don't be scared of having the meat with the fat, right? the statistics of bad health are clear processed meat causes cancer and red meat probably does too- you all gonna have a sirloin- your child will live 10 years younger than you, because of the lanscape of food we're building around us- guys, we're gonna cook a turkey! they all gonna join up to make one giant egg- which then, in turn, will make a giant fried breakfast frisbee, you know what frisbee is... Do you believe these people have a lack of integrity or they're just misinformed? What they do is harming people. Animal protein consumption causes an increase in blood levels of cancer provoking growth hormone called IGF1, but remove meat, eggs and dairy protein from our diets, and our blood stream can suppress cancer cells growth about eight times better. Nutrition controls genes, which in turn control cancer.- What's the lng term effect of these diets and the answer is "They're killing people." My favourite cut, i like a mixture of meat and fat, and fat... You're quoted saying: "Add fat." Hum, i don't remember that quote. Guys, we're gonna cook a turkey! Wooohhh! *Jamie Oliver: Bacon is a super food!Really?* lives in my own way... Guys, we're gonna cook a turkey! * We have got some chipolatas and fat...fat...fat Guys, we're gonna cook turkey! Wooohh! Save lives in my own way... Guys, we're gonna cook turkey! Woohh!

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Posted by: chrissie00 on Dec 14, 2016

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