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In today's world telecommunications play an important role in developing business environment, production and other key aspects of human society. Development of telecommunication market has an important role in Kazakhstan being one of the main factors of integrating country into global community. Transtelecom is one of the leading ICT operators in Kazakhstan offering wide range of services to each of its client. First of all, Transtelecom is a developed network of fiber optics. The company is an operator actively developing its transportation networks and it’s presence in all cities and main regional centers around the country. Building extensive fiber-optic networks allowed to increase the quality of provided services In 2013 the total length of fiber-optic networks was more than 6700 km. By the end of 2015 this indicator is expected to increase to more than 11,600 km Newly build digital network will allow to cover all of the railway stations and to create additional international data transit points to Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan Possession of of international data transit points results in collaboration with the world's leading international ICT companies such as «British Telecom» (UK), «China Telecommunication Corporation» (China), «LINX Corporation» (Netherlands), «Transtelecom» (Russia), «Megafon» (Russia), «Vimpelcom» (Russia) Strategical partner of Company is a JSC National Company «Kazakhstan Temir Zholy» (KTZ) With further development in mind, Company implements the new project Automated Management System “Magistral” which is oriented to resolve the problems of high-quality diagnosis of railway lines currently being one of the main priorities in railway industries around the world Within this project it is planned to implement high-tech complex complex systems and live diagnosis of the status of railway infrastructure in Kazakhstan Moreover, JSC Transtelecom implements Automated Management System “Power Dispatch” one of the biggest projects in JCS "National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" Main purpose of the project is to decrease the consumption of the fuels required to run locomotives This project allows to decrease fuel costs of JCS "Locomotive" and in parallel to optimize several business processes Starting December 2012, JSC Transtelecom introduced Single Information Center (SIC) with a single fixed phone number across Kazakhstan - 105 By calling this number - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year clients can obtain full information on freight transporters, train schedules, ticket prices and many other important information related to passenger and freight transportation In 2017 Astana will host international exhibition “Expo 2017” Within preparation to exhibition, the Company will implement several projects oriented to Integrated Smart City Management and the Cyber Security of “Expo 2017” objects World leading companies and vendors in the field of IT and ICT will be among JSC Transtelecom’s collaborators in order to automate technological processes and to achieve set targets Being national operator JSC Transtelecom is interested in collaboration with all ICT operators large ones as well as smaller ones, doing business on fixed telephony as mobile data JSC Transtelecom allows for each of its clients to always stay online and to do what they enjoy the most to work, to study and to simply communicate with each other Today JSC Transtelecom is primarily a team of highly educated professionals oriented to providing timely and high-quality's services in IT and telecommunications within Kazakhstan and abroad Improving the efficiency of the railway industry is directly linked to the arrival of innovation and process automation Automated management systems implemented today on the Kazakhstan Railways allow to optimize railway workload and to utilize railway infrastructure and machinery in the most efficient way Intelligent control system "Park" (ICS "PARK") ICS "PARK" fully covers the process of trains and wagons management at stations The project allows to control, plan and adjust railway technological processes which results in proper management of railway station’s work Train movements on stations and along the railways are monitored with CCTV which scan wagon’s serial number and transmits it to servers located on railway stations Data transmission is live and passes from station to station As the train passes, obtained data allows to optimize workforce productivity by maximizing process automation Optimization of the resources and increased throughput capacity at railway stations resulting in savings of around ₸ 5 billion per year “Magistral” Automated management system system allows to plan railway maintenance works based on their actual state Railway infrastructure diagnostics are produced by self-propelled dedicated wagons equipped with high-tech measurement systems necessary to evaluate the state of the railway tracks High precision lasers scan railway infrastructure with standard error deviation of only 1/10th of a millimeter Geo-location based radars are capable of detecting ground defects underneath railway tracks way at depth of up to 6 meters Obtained information is then transmitted to the "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" control center and allows to monitor the status of Infrastructure objects online. As a result of “Magistral” automated management system implementation railway maintenance work performance is planned to increase up to 20% Direct savings are expected at ₸ 3.6 billion per year Automated Control System "Power Dispatch" Energy efficiency is one of the strategic objectives in the railway industry Automated System Management "Power Dispatch” Project aims to optimize fuel costs of railway wagons Installed on both diesel and electricity based locomotives sensor units gather data on electricity and diesel consumption, in respect to distance traveled and the workload performed System assists engine driver by providing information on the most convenient way to manage locomotive Collected information is transmitted via radio channels to the central control room of “Kazakhstan Temir Zholi” For switch-room operators it is possible to control the pattern of energy consumption nationwide Project's minimum proven economic benefits of ₸ 9 billion per year As part of project implementation, in the second half of 2013 mentioned control-equipment was installed on 591 sections of locomotives That alone has already provided economic benefit in the amount of ₸ 152 million Automated Control System “Multitrail” “Multitrail” is a complex system designed to calculate and plan the operation of freight services which allows to optimize the infrastructure system and structure of services As a result of implementation and the use of ACS “Multitrail” in 2013 KTZ has enhanced logistics planning Percentage of railway trains on schedule increased to 61% of total number of trains At the same time the average speed of freight trains rose to the highest rates among all CIS countries The organization of freight traffic schedule has allowed to improve all key performance indicators for freight transportation in 2014 New technologies contributes to faster and more efficient utilization of day-to-day activities automatized management systems eases labor work, performance saves technical, economical and as a result financial resources making Railway industry a modern and safe workplace

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