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2012, is when I went into the hospital and thought I had pneumonia. And they did some X-rays and tests and they put me in and admitted me. They said my heart was extremely weak, and I had advanced heart failure. And um, my heart was only working at twelve percent, at that point. You talk about crushing news, going to the hospital thinking you have pneumonia and then find out you might not live a year you know? They said "we gotta get you a heart pump ASAP". There ain't no reason why we can't get you a heart pump and get you on a transplant list, and you live, you're too young to die". Then my whole life started looking better again. Praise the Lord. Here we go, I'm gonna be able to live. I'm not gonna die! In July his heart doctor told him he had two recourses, to go home and have hospice or to come to Nashville and have the LVAD put in. When the doctor said this or that, it was kind of then my husband immediately said "I'll do it because, I have grandchildren" and because of me" He said "I'll do it so I can still have some life that I can spend with them and watch them grow and get married and those kinds of things". Well it's been very difficult as a daughter. You look and see your mother suffering. It's terrible to look at someone that you love everyday and see them get worse. My Dad is 74 years old and been married to my Mom for 48 years. For him it's been really difficult to watch the person that you love the most just laying there. And you're helpless just not knowing what to do, it's been really hard for him. We go in one day and she can be one way, and by that afternoon she can be another. Maybe two weeks after I gout out of the hospital, I just could not breathe. My chest was hurting really bad, and I called the emergency VAD number that's on my pump right here They said "get to the emergency room now!" I went over there and they took some blood work tests, some X-rays and they rushed me and said "we've gotta have emergency surgery tonight" Now if I lived back in Kentucky and was three hours away, I wouldn't have even called them until the next morning. This was like 11 o'clock at night I called, and I thought well I'm right here next to the hospital I'll go ahead and call them. So it really saved my life being here. There are a lot of pluses being next to the hospital when you first get this device. We do live two and a half to three hour drive away from Nashville. They let us know that after she received the VAD she would go to rehab and we'd have to be here for four to six weeks afterwards. That means finding a place to stay for four to six weeks. We don't live here, it's very costly to find a place to stay. Well who's gonna say "well I can't stay close to the hospital" and die? You're gonna tell them what they want to hear regardless. There is no way I could've afforded staying here until you guys helped me. When you're in a hard situation like that and somebody comes along and offers to help you in a such a way as The Joe Beretta Foundation it just seems beyond belief. You just say "this is one way to make it a little bit easier" it's great. It was very helpful to be able to call someone and find out yes there is help and this is What we can do for you. So we really feel like The Joe Beretta Foundation has really helped us through a lot of tough times where we wondered what in the world are we gonna do? It's very good to know that people actually care that are gonna call you and say "hey is there anything we can do for you today" It means a lot to a family, especially one that's going through what we're going through. The Joe Beretta Foundation paid for everything, and um, it was a big blessing on my life. I don't know how to show enough appreciation for it. But if anybody could help with it, I know I sure would. As poor as I am, I would donate something to it every month if I could, even if it'd just be a little bit. But it saves lives.

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