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Ишь ты, масленица! / Think you're so clever, Marty Gra?

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Amo Beknazarian's Armenfilm studio presents Requested by the USSR State TV and Radio broadcasting committee "Think you're so clever, Marty Gra?" Based on a story by O.Tumanian Screenwriter, producer and animator: R.Saakyants Art directors: R.Saakyants, A.Poshotian Camera: A.Kyurdian Composer: R.Amirkhanian Sound: K.Kyurdian Assistants: A.Saakian, M.Adamian, A.Karagash Voices: Ya.Turylyova, M.Gavrilko, A.Karapetian, Yu.Leonidov Script editor: G.Beylerian Executive producer: S.Petrosian - All right... - The land... is it mine? - Yours. - And the landlord? Me? - You. - And you aren't paying taxes. - You don't say... Here. Land tax. Water tax. - What about snow? - And snow tax. Paid for last week. - You mean before the new year? That was for last year's snow. What about... ...this? - Wine? - That's butter! - What's coming up? - A pimple? - Hey! - Mardi Gras is coming up. You can pay with this butter. - Here, take this. Sign here. - Where do I put this? - Here. It can stay there. Until Mardi Gras comes. - What? - I'm saying we'll wait till Mardi Gras, and then... - What? - I'm saying when Mardi Gras comes, then we'll... - Comes where? - Oh, forget it. - No, listen... Who is that? This Marty Gra. - Who is that, this Marty Gra? When will he come? Halt! Who goes there! - It's me, Marty Gra! - Oh! You came! - I did. - Yours? - Mine. - You take it, then. - Maybe... later? - Oh, that's nice! Like we have nothing else to do than look after your stuff. - Well, all right. - Oh, listen to that! "All right!" He just walks around, and we have to guard his stuff. Isn't that nice! Would you look at that! Thinks he's so clever! Isn't that nice! Thinks we're all fools here! - What's with you? - Well, you know... he came! That Marty Gra. As you said, I gave him the butter, and... - What?! - The butter! This tall. But thinks he's all that! - Who?! - Marty Gra! This small! But thinks he's so clever. - You didn't... You didn't! You didn't!!! - What? What? What? - What?.. - Did you see a kid? - One ran by. - Will I catch up? - Nah. While your horse moves its four legs..., two, three, four... ...the kid will move his two. One, two! One, two! How about I guard your horse. And you run after him. One, two! One, two! One, two! - One, two! One, two! One, two! - Giddy-up! Giddy-up! - One... two... three... four... One... two... three... four... One... two... three... four... One... ..two. The end. (c) 1985 by USSR Gosteleradio Subs by Mr. Icon, Montreal 2010 (cc) by-sa,

Video Details

Duration: 7 minutes and 21 seconds
Year: 1985
Country: Armenia
Language: Russian
License: All rights reserved
Genre: Animated
Producer: R. Saakyants
Director: R. Saakyants
Views: 412
Posted by: stampede123 on Nov 2, 2011

"Ish ty, maslenitsa!" by R. Saakyants - Production: Armenfilm - English subtitles taken here: - Croatian translation made combining Russian original and English subtitles.

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