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Yeah. That's good. So, we can? Okay. Hello everyone, my name is Ann a visiting scholar from China. It's my honor to share my opinions about the HHR program with you. I work in the Department of Education in Jilin Province Right after I arrived at UW-Platteville, last September. Professor Dan introduced the HHR program to me. He said, "There was an amazing mind in it. That makes me feel curious, but now I should say the same word. The HHR program is really amazing. HHR program aims to especially help the people with hearing and speech disabilities, and their families In China, there are more than 19 million people with hearing and speech disabilities. In my hometown, in Jilin province, there are 5 special schools for the students with hearing and speech disabilities This year, there are more than 2000 students studying there. If the students could study through this great program I believe it would help them broaden their horizons very well. It would also help them to get more chances to live better lives. I introduce this program to a principal of the special school in our province. She felt very excited, and she said, "She would find some teachers, who were good at sign language to be volunteers and involved in this program." I will go back to China in August, and I will continue to introduce this program to more and more people. Especially, to special schools. I also want to find some teachers and students in our province who speak minority languages, like Korean, "Mongolian" to be volunteers and do their best for it. It is very easy to find this program, if you are interested Google "His Hands Reader" and get it. Now this program is a baby. It has a long way to go, and a lot of things to do. It especially needs a lot of volunteers to work hard together. No matter where you are, who you are, and how old you are you can be a volunteer and push this program ahead. And of course, everybody can benefit from this program. It is like building a bridge between all the people in the world. Especially between the able people and the people with hearing and speech disabilities. I'm eager to witness the growth of this program. Thank you very much. Yay. That was so good.

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