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Swiss member of national council crashes Bilderberg 2011

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transcription work in progress please help write us [email protected] collaborators in their reversed editor here and seeing more so it's a little bit over two thousand one the socially responsible for your report the national council members those who have died of a capable of at the rental is we're having a meeting here around just as delivered this meeting went downhill at hotels rather dominate he has written letters to top officials in it's a lot of course the officials of the national institute on levels one of original steiner's actually attended bill the yesterday wrote a letter asking and i applaud overview here the first place calls lab based side and seven eighths brutus it with your instincts to develop that bill that would be here but not implants speeches china two thousand built to last letter and try and gain entry if you're taking from there trying to do for me to disappear very important today could world permanent records politicians from a meteor can't accept that cameras at the world people our government involvement from each group to ensure rosensteil religiously become we had a great person freedom mister just people who go home with sports com wrote sovereignty national sovereignty freedom of speech prayed for him complexities important people systems up so this summer's t_v_ director nazi true traditions of sports this for all of this is a massive run contrary to the globalisation the consultant to the world economically politically culturally and you believe that meeting here's what the status as the expression indigenous and see what's happening at the present does that uh... instead ensures that this little reversed from their own deliberately means that our but scientists leads to the official uh... michelle there as well as part of inside the residence that's that's the that's the specials that ought not to get one free that i wanted to be here the actions of things are going to occur his allegations interested as outward self-confessed separate stability the for instance of the question acceptance and which was this year wanted for war crimes that he didn't want to do the best interest problem comes in justice castillo bush fifty it's just a question versus for acceptability of occurred to me swiss authorities reference vehicles to protect such facilities discusses yet again plus the only think you're going to prevail strikers disagreed with order for me to be here will be who's free freight on artistic people who knew exactly what he's ironies softer cards which is prepared by people rev up the democratic elected nauseated uh... over only because they are big business via members of the restaurants haha future value floating that's got to be or attractive make sure that you all the differences between states it's overkill status completely destroyed fortresses tilted at this moment spacewalking one after you see exactly what's happening it's not twelve honest budgeting for too long barbra hollander who don't need any more national government but the reason involved in the morning and we got without any government just fell through television dissolved into souls people are organized crime faced off with no freedom uh... independence disadvantaged all interview protests against except we have to access to information it's it's a little hope for us over there deposition politician app for citizen sensibilities independent of freedom except that members of our government are involved here that want want to say that it would come up at that time expression to accept the political haha work to to the fact that we don't we see air and forest protection cease-fire insists his group i don't know which kind of pressure six member groups support here freight for freedom and independence park entry monitoring t_v_ it's a shitty for me to do the people he were against us election battles reps got tagged works in in in the world as people come each year without having any program that can accept that just like for you of these people three years old and freedom hoping that once we have a whole bennett we have a horn equity we have the right to fight against spring yet overweight assisting island of freedom at to help opportunity to to be a balance between you can't resend with divergent countries and at one country is pretty important the student movement district against people of both oppression which is not that they should look at it and which is working the case the locality sense of responsibility simple solutions be people arrested hoops and want to be reviewed inspired to have the right to protect the which kind of forcing the company cc wants to do and not to be a personal discreet of people credibility temperature but that's fine any other way that they could be tried to deliver the away and destructive one of the contents of the peaceful protest on the tokyo practices disease attendances for

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Swiss member of national council crashes Bilderberg 2011

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