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-You are now watching an interactive video from Haunted House Party. Click anywhere to start at the beginning if you dare. -All right, gang. It's time to go upstairs. -I love upstairs. -Guys? Guys?! [tumbling down stairs, bones crack] -Oh, my God. -[snickers] Damn! That clumsy bitch went down like the Titanic, son! -Wow, she wasn't even killed by a ghost. -Oh, well. -Whoa, guys, come check this out. -This is crazy. -It says a man who lived here died in the 1900s. His name was Mike Hawk. -Ha! Sorry, it sounded like you said "my cock". [laughter] -It did. -But why is this place haunted? What does it even mean? -[gasps] Oh, my God! Joy Behar finally left The View? [disappointed] Oh. -[distorted voice]: Vanessa, come in, Vanessa. -Vanessa? Who's Vanessa? -It says here Hawk murdered Vanessa after she cheated on him with a man named Ned. -Hey, Felicia, why are you in that picture? -What are you talking about? -Look. -Oh, my God. You look just like Vanessa. He must be talking to you. -Well, I'm not going anywhere. I could get killed. It doesn't matter if I look like here. -Well, you don't really look like her. I mean, she's pretty and you're fucking beat. -Yeah, you totes shatter boners. -Don't worry, you guys. I got this. -If eyes could speak One look would say everything About the way you smile, the way you laugh The way you dress, the way your beauty leaves me breathless If eyes could speak -I'm done. -No fucking way. -You gay guys are really good at that. -Thanks, but I'm not gay. -Yeah, you're not gay like I'm not fucking rad, ah? -All right, Felicia, you ready to meet your ghost husband? *see sidebar description for links* Captioned by SpongeSebastian

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Duration: 3 minutes and 29 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: BlackBoxTV
Director: Totally Sketch
Views: 151
Posted by: spongesebastian on Oct 31, 2010




From Shane Dawson (ShaneDawsonTV) / Totally Sketch (TotallySketch) / BlackBoxTV. (Captioned using

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