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Here in Istanbul I was surprised to hear many times from people that we have the same blood, we come from where you come from, but we have forgotten our traditions. You with your music brings us to our ancestors, to our past, but in reality we come from Altai. Civilization comes from Altai. There were 4 groups. Some went to North America, some to South America, some came here, near Armenia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan. But there are 4 groups who have spread. But the roots are in Altai. No, this way of dressing is traditional from Altai. Altai I think is near Mongolia and Siberia. Between Russia, Siberia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The original shamans are there. The ones who left to look for new lands. So, I was there a long time ago when I was traveling. I was trying to find out where I am from. And I came to the conclusion that these are my roots. It is not really widespread, because there hasnt been much research, and if it exists, the research is vague, not precise. But speaking with people you realize there are many similarities. Yes, there is a lot of meaning in the way of dressing. There are clothes you can put on that have a cheerful mood. Sometimes a sad mood. Sometimes clown-like. Something like that. So there are many forms of representation, in the way of dressing and in music. All around Europe? Oh, music. Since I was very young. Since I was 13. I dont understand. Sorry. No, this is only when we play music. We represent our culture. We want to show who we are. But every day, we are normal people. We dress like normal people. Well, in reality I didn't choose. It's a matter of destiny. When I was younger, I came to Europe with a music contract from Bolivia. I was playing concerts, in hotels and restaurants and we had a conflict in the group, so from then I didn't speak the language and I had to do something. So I started playing alone. First I was playing boleros and ballads because I didn't play the instruments from my country. I didn't even play 50% of them. So because I only played string instruments, I took a guitar and started to learn boleros and ballads and I liked it. The contact with people. I started to meet more people. I worked with different groups. And now I am with one friend and and we are traveling around. I’ve been in almost all of Europe. I haven't been to Greece, Moldova, and what else? Ukraine. But I've been to the other countries. And in Asia I've been in Turkey. This is the second time I've come to Turkey. Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan. Almost all of that area. I wanted to go to China, but I couldn’t, but maybe in a year. Oh, to play, well, because people like it. They like folk. As I was telling you before. They accept us as brothers because we have similar cultures in many ways. It's a calm country. You know there are differences. Sometimes things happen, but, yes, it's calm. We haven't had any problems. Yes, I like it here, but I'd like to travel a little more.

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