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C4L4: Pull Up Into the Serve

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If you want your players to a solid solid serve with real power not just fishing for power. Proper body mechanics, you really have to use the left hand correctly. Its absolutely essential for the serve. Any good server, this guy has a pretty nice motion. You see a couple of things #1 you see his arm continues up after the toss. See that, continues up and then right here he pulls into his chest. But there is so much more to it thats actually more of a linear look. I am queuing in on Djokovic's upper body here, look at the bend in the left elbow. Thats important to notice, like the bend in the right elbow its a full body coil. Look at that, see even after he has tossed the ball look at the bend that represents the roundness, see this and now as he comes out he will try to keep that left arm up there. What he thinks of is pulling up a rope. This sort of gives him a slinky effect, so his chest, then his hips then arm like a slinky going down the stairs. Now look here at this angle you can see the left arm is still coiled and the right arm so he squeezes them together. Watch how the left arm squeezes in and he maintains roundness throughout the whole serve. His right side trys to stay coiled, his hitting arm stays coiled while his left side stays coiled. Look again, look at the roundness in his left arm and see how he really squeezes in at contact just like the forehand. Here is Stevie, we worked on his serve a lot back in the day. I think his arm is a little straight personally, but there he follows it up. Left hand creates a nice slope in his shoulders pushes the hips out now he is pulling himself up. See that he is not letting his left hand go he is keeping it up there and he his pulling himself up there. Now the left arm starts to bend just as the right arm starts to go into the hit at the 45. That left arm bends so he can really be stable and out on the hit. That left arm bends and his racket head can really fly up and out at the 45. Now the two arms you see there really focused on the 45 degree angle. So there is this roundness throughout the serve but it is all based on the center plane being at the 45 degree angle or the 45 degree plane. Lets take another look at Djokovic's serve. See this left arm comes up, stays bent draws the hips out. Now the left arm is trying to stay up there and its like pulling and that left arm tucks in like that. Really important lets take another view. See the bend in the left elbow and it still follows the ball , the hips pull through. Watch the slinky effect, hips, chest, arm and racket. Look at the roundness in his arms at the end of that serve.

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 8, 2014

Use your tossing hand to pull up into the big serve.

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